Extra counselors available at Fremont school after student’s suicide

Counselors are being made available this week for Mission San Jose High students and employees who are grieving the apparent suicide of a 17-year-old pupil, school district officials said.

“We provided five additional counselors, in addition to the school’s three regular counselors, to give support to any kids, teachers and staff who were distraught,” James Morris, Fremont’s superintendent of schools, said on Wednesday.

The Fremont girl, an 11th-grade student, died Monday afternoon in an apparent suicide that occurred off campus, authorities said. Further details about the girl’s death were not disclosed.

Sandra Prairie, Mission San Jose High’s principal, informed school parents of the student’s death by sending an email Tuesday, district officials said.

Anyone in the school community seeking additional help or advice about the matter can call Fremont’s Youth and Family Services at 510-574-2100, according to the email.

The counselors will remain on campus “as long as students and staff need them,” Morris said. “It’s very tough for students at any age to lose a friend.”

Chris DeBenedetti

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