1st of 2 public meetings: Warm Springs/South Fremont Community Plan Open House scheduled Wednesday

The first of two public meetings this week on the Warm Springs/South Fremont community will be held from 6 to 7:30pm Wednesday evening. Here are the details, according to city officials:

The City of Fremont is holding an Open House and public information meeting for community members to learn more about the Warm Springs/South Fremont Community Plan and its current schedule.

The meeting will be from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Warm Springs Community Center, at 47300 Fernald St. in Fremont.

The open house and meeting will include information stations covering the following topics:

  • Public infrastructure—including transit and roads.
  • Warm Springs/South Fremont BART Station and extension plans and schedule.
  • Economic development goals.
  • Planning for jobs and potential parks, schools, and housing.

There will be a short presentation at 6:15 p.m., 6:45 p.m., and 7:15 p.m. to help orient participants to the meeting’s format and to provide additional information on the community plan process; this same presentation will be shared at each of the noted times so community members can attend the presentation that works best for their schedule.

The information stations will be open from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Community members are encouraged to stop by and learn about the project and speak with City staff and team members.

NOTE: A second public meeting, covering construction projects in the area, will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, at South Bay Community Church, Multi-Purpose Room, 47385 Warm Springs Blvd.

Chris DeBenedetti


  1. Fremont is “city on the move,” mayor says”

    To be fair, most things move faster than Harrison.

  2. #51…The boarded up windows the hustlers and thieves
    While the citizens of Fremont are down on their knees

    Marty, sorry to say Mayor Harrison has and will continue to *run rings around* one unnamed city councilman.

  3. Bbox231, Much appreciated. I would have said that sooner, but I wasn’t sure if you’d respond, didn’t want to find out how agitated I’d be if you didn’t, so I took a day off. Excellent.

    I agree with you that a swap doesn’t address crime.

    Obviously, I agree as well that the swap creates an opportunity for personal gain.

    But “(as is any crime scene)”,floored me. That was unexpected. (I suspect you knew it would be.)
    I’ve never considered a crime scene as a place presenting opportunities for personal gain though.
    That’s not saying I disagree, even though I can’t think of one opportunity that a crime scene might present.
    The reason why is because I share the sentiments your spring-loaded third paragraph contains.

    Now let’s read it again, word by word.
    I …also…..think-*!p-yowwwwwww.
    -And we are jettisoned up and above to #26
    specifically paragraph two.

    consider that , we’ll get back to it later.

    I have only one question now. In reference to your last paragraph I ask:

    If I show you that an inventory of serial numbers wasn’t collected,
    what will you show me?

    Thanks again, no hard feeling I hope.
    (except the kind reserved for the bushes behind Mojo’s!)

  4. #53 –

    Last paragraph was an attempt to respond to what I thought was your original request/suggestion, Tony. If I recall correctly, you were asking Chris for an inventory or accounting of what went where or what was collected.

    My point was, such an accounting is futile – if your desire is to prevent “leakage” of returned inventory.

    If I’m a no-goodnik working one of these events, and I think there’s a chance that someone might be fool enough to turn in an HK-91 with Leupold LRT 3.5-10×40 optics (a great little piece by the way) …. I think I come prepared to do a little “swap” at some opportune moment and substitute my piece of crap for the item turned in.

    I inferred from your comments that you were suspect of the control of inventory during these events. My point was that reporting what was gathered is subject to manipulation.

    I’m willing to accept the professionalism of the significant majority of these men and women and believe there are greater issues plaguing our community than a re-verification of the integrity of our men and women in uniform.

  5. 53 & 54..Gasssssss! I found somthing that will never be nothing and I found it right here in Fremont. Do you fellas have any idea who is to blame for that??? And are Ayou fellas perhaps part of the blame??? Can’t wait to hear your thoughts??? And by the way….when are you guys gonna get a life?

  6. Yeah, but check it out Bbox, that was MY HK-91 which was stolen the week before.

    I went straight down to the station and filed a report so that it was in the database if it turned up.
    Happens all the time, guns get stolen.
    and just as often the cops take possession of guns. bust someone with a gun, guns are turned in, maybe they confiscate a whole warehouse full of weapons.
    It doesn’t matter how the acquired really, because THE LAW that governs all of them is similarly specific.

    Step one enter the serial #.
    and if the gun is stolen, it is returned A.S.A.P.

    Now let me be clear. I’m not trying to suggest that the integrity of our officers is suspect. Not at all.
    And while you may consider the cop a “No-goodnik” because he swapped some crappy pistol he had for my sweet HK-91, I’m not.

    I don’t know what issues plaguing your side of town are but getting my HK-91 stolen is a great big one over here.

    But it sounds like you’re saying I should just get over it, keep my mouth shut , don’t bother them.

    Re-verification of their integrity?? Huh?
    Tell me whenwhowhatwhy how were the “verified” the “first” time.

    I just want to know why the cops gave the schmoogy who broke into my house $200 for my HK-91, $150 for my Sig Sauer SP 2022, $300 for my Rock River PDS 5.56mm and $100 for my Kahr PM9!!!!

    No questions asked! So the crook goes free.
    I can still get my guns back, all they have to do is run the serial numbers,
    But they don’t! WTF?

    Accounting is futile? Any inventory list is going to be altered, manipulated? That’s to be expected you say?
    You really believe that it’s unrealistic to expect police to want to keep an honest inventory.

    You’re the one who said:

    “I also think these guys are sworn professionals.
    If we can’t trust them –
    we’ve got much, much bigger problems on our hands.”

    Well, I’d still like to see an inventory list Chris, or an explanation as to why they didn’t make one.
    NOT why they didn’t have to.

    see #26 above. paragraph 2 specifically.

  7. “But it sounds like you’re saying I should just get over it, keep my mouth shut , don’t bother them.”

    What was the basis for that conclusion?

  8. 56 & 57…and i repeat, when are you guys gonna get a life?

  9. You got me, it wasn’t a conclusion. What I thought I heard -I should just get over it, keep my mouth shut , don’t bother them- Was what I heard myself saying. To me. Even then, I didn’t want to hear what was being implied, but it was a way out of the corner I was in.

    You said,
    “I’m willing to accept the professionalism of the significant majority of these men and women and believe there are greater issues plaguing our community than a re-verification of the integrity of our men and women in uniform.”

    To say it another way:
    because You are willing to accept the professionalism of, and don’t feel compelled to verify the integrity of the police, you don’t desire to see the inventory list (that we can expect exists) from the recent gun buy back.

    And since I do desire to see the inventory list,
    then, likewise, contrary to you, I am not willing to accept the professionalism of , and am compelled to verify the integrity of the police.

    Basically, you trust the cops and I don’t. You’re not suspicious of them, but I am.

    Now,- though I do appreciate being called on my embarrassing subjective interpretation ,-can we get back to the issue of the problems raised by a no-questions-asked buyback?

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