1st of 2 public meetings: Warm Springs/South Fremont Community Plan Open House scheduled Wednesday

The first of two public meetings this week on the Warm Springs/South Fremont community will be held from 6 to 7:30pm Wednesday evening. Here are the details, according to city officials:

The City of Fremont is holding an Open House and public information meeting for community members to learn more about the Warm Springs/South Fremont Community Plan and its current schedule.

The meeting will be from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Warm Springs Community Center, at 47300 Fernald St. in Fremont.

The open house and meeting will include information stations covering the following topics:

  • Public infrastructure—including transit and roads.
  • Warm Springs/South Fremont BART Station and extension plans and schedule.
  • Economic development goals.
  • Planning for jobs and potential parks, schools, and housing.

There will be a short presentation at 6:15 p.m., 6:45 p.m., and 7:15 p.m. to help orient participants to the meeting’s format and to provide additional information on the community plan process; this same presentation will be shared at each of the noted times so community members can attend the presentation that works best for their schedule.

The information stations will be open from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Community members are encouraged to stop by and learn about the project and speak with City staff and team members.

NOTE: A second public meeting, covering construction projects in the area, will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, at South Bay Community Church, Multi-Purpose Room, 47385 Warm Springs Blvd.

Chris DeBenedetti


  1. What no snide FCN comments, no ballpark ra ra. Looks like the Fartgas news group killed this forum with boredom. It was an interesting meeting designed so that nobody had to take on the minimal groups assembled. There was a repeated PowerPoint with no Q and a and then individual areas for BART, VTA, schools (conveniently it was hosted by the city, not FUSD!?, planning, and other gov’t agencies.

    The most populated group was the schools since the city is not responsible for planning or for the most part paying for the schools but again FUSD was not there? This group had to go outside it was so large.

    Aside from figuring out how to pay for the schools and how many kids it would add to the district some wondered how come all of the proposed housing (2500-4000 units)was going to be dense condos and a few townhomes (think Fruitvale BART)

    Worth a trip to the various websites to look at the proposal. This is bigger than Mission Bay so will really effect most of Fremont so get involved or you’ll get what the MTC, Fremont, and the developers want you to have.

  2. The FCN is a group of individuals that care about there city and neighborhood’s. I commend FCN and wish there were more groups like it.
    The other strong neighborhoods group is Niles. I commend all groups that are concerned about there City.
    I may not always agree with them, but I think they are necessary.
    There are others who sit back on there asses and whine on blogs such as this one and do nothing but whine and complain and try and blame all of there bullshit on other individuals.
    Michael are you listening.

  3. Oops, meant to say ‘municipal groups’. Darn smartphone, darn big thumbs!

  4. Jasper/West/Caliguy/Wildbill –

    For someone who manages four handles on this blog, you’re hardly in the position to dis others for whining on the interwebs.

    PS, it’s their, not there.

  5. Marty, First what the hell are you talking about.
    You have destroyed this Blog, wait a minute you had help from Michael of Niles.
    What is the matter Marty no one is reading your blog , so why destroy this one.
    Because of you most people have abandoned this blog because of your constant character assassinations. You must really think you a clever…..

  6. Please stop with the personal attacks. I appreciate all comments and activity on this blog, but almost every comment on this particular thread has been nasty, and unnecessarily so. I do not plan on deleting any previous comments posted today or yesterday. But if the personal attacks do not stop, then I’ll start doing so. Again, please cool down and let’s get back on a constructive track. If you want to discuss this further with me or complain about anything related to this blog, please contact me directly: 510-353-7011 or cdebenedetti@bayareanewsgroup.com. In short, let’s debate issues and not attack each other.

    Lastly, “Fartgas news group” …?! That’s a new one and it actually had me laughing.

  7. #8 – you realize writing that other readers of this blog “sit back on there (sic) asses and whine” is a personal insult, and unprovoked at that. Do you even get that?

    My suspicion is you change your handle every so often so you can start over and pull the reasonable well intended person card. You’re at that point with the Jasper pseudonym. I recommend using your real initials (first and last name), as they suit your credentials.


  8. #9 – Come on, Marty – that’s a straw man of massive proportions.

    There’s a chasm of a difference between generalizing an insult to a non-specific and rather obscure group of participants and the very specific and highly personalized crap that you and Charlie have established a reputation for.

    But you knew that – right?

  9. So, when Jaspy closed with “Michael are you listening”., he was speaking in general terms?

    I think I’m battling not only a grammar assault, but a comprehension problem. That was me “generalizing an insult”, if there was any confusion.

  10. #11 – interesting decision to now object to a completely different statement as compared to that which you originally identified in #9 . . . .

    But, to Eric’s point we’ve allowed you to, once again, take us completely off topic.

    Which raises the more central question, Marty.

    Why is it so important for you to so fervently redirect from the central Fremont-related topics of this forum?

    You’ve made your political affiliations clear in the web sites you’ve authored.

    With that in mind, I’ve got to wonder – why is it so important that a supporter of the Fremont political status quo maintain such vigilence in disrupting attempts at thoughful discourse?

    What is it that Fred, Bill, Anu and Susie are afraid of?

    Better still, why is it that you feel a need to defend their interests?

    As a strong supporter of Fred and Anu and Bill and Susie, why must you continue to rely on personality arguments in your debate and simultaneously avoid use of factual decisions, actions, successes and failures?

  11. It appears overnight I’ve gone from a member of an “rather obscure group of participants” to a central force in disrupting civil discourse in Fremont.

    The mind of Mr Box, ladies and gentlemen.

  12. That goes for the rest of us on the board Marty, not just Mr. Box

  13. I’ll try and make a quick point. Here are the Chris’s most recent posts with the number of comments in bold:

    Fremont Unified School District and teachers reach tentative contract agreement (0 Comments)

    Tesla Motors fully repays $465 million federal loan nine years early (0 Comments)

    1st of 2 public meetings: Warm Springs/South Fremont Community Plan Open House scheduled Wednesday (17 comments, 14 in exchange with me)

    Public meeting on south Fremont construction & community update slated Thursday night (0 Comments)

    Fremont: Officers fatally shoot dog after it attacks, police say (0 Comments)

    Huge parcel in Fremont purchased, slated for development (0 Comments)

    Historic Newark schoolhouse held at Ardenwood Farm may be demolished (2 Comments)

    Newark Police: List of relief organizations for donations to tornado victims (0 Comments)

    Fremont police: Missing 15-year-old girl found in Pleasanton (3 Comments by Jasper hijacking off topic about red light cameras)

    4th Annual Race to Save New Haven Student Activities Fun Run & Walk in Union City (0 Comments)

    Box- note you are completely absent from every one of those topics, and Jasper just asserts his role as a space cadet.

    Now, I’m sure this will go in one ear and out the other, but for such strong advocates for civil discourse on the issues effecting Fremont, you two have very little input. Of course, that is until I comment.

  14. Just took another look at the list above and am astonished. I haven’t always seen eye to eye with Chris, but I will admit he certainly puts an effort to engage his readers.

  15. That’s an interesting aside, Marty – can you please answer the original questions?

    As a reminder –

    Why is it so important that a supporter of the Fremont political status quo maintain such vigilence in disrupting attempts at thoughful discourse?

    What is it that Fred, Bill, Anu and Susie are afraid of?

    Better still, why is it that you feel a need to defend their interests?

  16. Box, My involvement is greater than you can imagine. I want to tell all, but a public blog is not the place. There’s just too much on the line. I think you understand the sensitivity.

    Email me at tcbmarty@gmail.com and I will answer any and all questions you have. You must now decide if you can handle the truth.

  17. Another interesting diversion, Marty and curious considering you’ve been completely comfortable with all kinds of public statements.

    I don’t care who you are.

    I’m interested in your thought processes and reasoning.

    I’m curious why you feel a need to so staunchly defend the political status quo and do so based almost totally on a platform of personalized antagonism.

    It’s simple.

    Please, please, answer the questions.

  18. Box, I am willing to divulge enough to gain your trust. Can you give me an example of me “staunchly defend the political status quo”, and I will answer here to the best of my ability. The rest of the story must be in private. I am obligated to certain… people.

  19. pu #2 … ground control to B Box, Bruce, Vinnie and most of all Jasper.Yes it is simple, the FCN sucks odious eggs! We all know the Fremont Citizens Netwok is nothing more than tool for a selfish vocal minority. The FNC has and will NEVER considered what is best for ALL the people of Fremont. There is no denying Santa Clara is on it’s way to becoming a major leauge city, beaming with civic pride and mucho dinero because they are building a professional sports stadium. As you know the FCN opposed building a professional sports stadium in Fremont for dubious reasons. Vinnie Bacon is their Zeus … that’s the truth!

  20. What constituency need to get is that the tactics of those who support the political status quo seem to rely very heavily on personality.

    So, for instance – we get fliers that say “Billie bob is a nice guy – vote for him.” instead of “Billie bob did this for you.”

    Why is that? Why don’t these people who have been running our city for so long present a lengthy pedigree of solid ACCOMPLISHMENTS?

    Why do we shy away from the record?

    What is it that we’re afraid of?

    The answer is obvious to anyone paying attention.

    Take a look around.

    While there are certainly some accomplishments. There are some massive embarrassments and misses that we continue to sweep under the carpet.

    The level of planning and attention to detail by City Haul to the needs and opportunities of the various districts reveals an uneven playing field.

    Accretive to the benefit of a few. The rest of you need to keep moving along because those who would argue for a change are idiots.

  21. That’s an interesting aside, Mr Box.

    Can you please provide an example of me “staunchly defending the political status quo”.

  22. #5 No Follow-up by our intrepid beat reporter is what brings me down and disinterested about this blog, way more than anyone on it.

    What’s the point of debating a subject that’s surface has barely been scratched, unless you don’t want to discover anything new. If the good questions, the simple one’s that reveal the most, aren’t going to get asked, then it’s all just speculation for the most part. How wonderful, if you’re afraid of ever being shocked, at the realization you were right, or wrong, or that it was worse than you imagined.

    I’ll call DeBenedetti again, but I don’t think it’ll make any difference.
    I don’t think it’s the paper’s intent to dig for an answer, or even simply ask a follow-up question anymore.

    Just the opposite.

    Thats how YOU can say it costs $850,000 to repair a 100+ year old school house that people want to repair
    then spend $20,000 to write a report that says tearing it down is not just what you want- – it’s actually
    the better thing to do.

  23. #25 – Quid pro quo, Marty.

    I asked first – you’ve remained unresponsive.

    I’ll be glad to continue the steps I initiated in the direction of an honest dialogue just as soon as you indicate a sincere interest in taking that same journey.

    Just answer the question.

  24. #27, you probably realize by now that you’ve been trolled. I’m not answering your questions because they are rhetorical, leading and honestly I can care less about your responses because I have no respect for your input. Have a nice memorial day.

  25. #28 – just answer the question, Marty. . .

    What are you afraid of?

  26. Wow, Bbox231, what happened to you? I always felt your comments were reasonable, focused, open for critique because they were genuine and more importantly non-pragmatic.

    The issue of the Gurdwara that didn’t want to install a system of cameras to monitor it’s parishoners… and was in no way legally required to… nor had anything occur previously on their property that might even suggest a reason to install cameras-that”s when I first saw it, the change in how you ordered the logic of the material.

    It seemed important to you that the church DID install the cameras. So even though the issue ,at that point, was resolved, by not being our concern, you argued that since you didn’t see any reason for them to not want the cameras that they should provide a reason as to why, implying that their reason might be insufficent, proving that they should have cameras and that you were right.

    Even though, it was none of our business..so to speak.
    You asked repeatedly, “Why would they object to having the extra protection.”
    Though it didn’t even affect us personally, wasn’t a concern that you could point out in reality.
    You wanted to know it “anyone had bothered to ask the church members how they felt about having cameras. ”

    Though I’m sure you’d find it curious that I suggest you need to buy a Blue Ghost Catcher for the garage, that’s basically what chicken you were sh telling it them why you were pushing cameras onto them for.

    ghosts. Irrational fears. Possibillities of Mayhem, There’s a Big, Evil chicken that sshhhhh- it is LURKING about.

    Fortunately, at that time, you realized what you were doing. You seemed genuinely contrite.

    But now, look above, at where we’ve gotten to.

    “just answer the question, Marty..”

    Which one Bbox? you posed 5 or 6 previously, and I don’t think you ever specified one.

    Or is “the question” now “What are you afraid of?”

    ****** ********* ****
    It comes down to this.

    He asked you to email him. Sounded like you might get a different conversation, more information, who knows?
    So email him. What do you have to lose? I’d be “curious” no hear about what transpires. (Maybe even read the transcript! *heavily redacted no doubt)

    If you won’t though because, in your own words, you don’t care who he is. ..

    well, then I think that describes who you are about as well, and with a lot less foul language, than I would.

  27. #28 – just answer the question, Marty. . .

    What are you afraid of?

  28. #31 –

    Re cameras –

    Not getting your point whatsoeve. Let me make mine clear –

    The argument against the surveillance cameras was a concern about civil rights infringement. To my way of thinking, this concern is a straw man if the church has full control over the use of the system as well as the recorded content.

    Tell me where I’m wrong – but, following on to that reasoninig – if civil rights is NOT an objection than we’re back to the original question of – why would you object?

    If you need further convincing – consider the usefullness of available video information and speed with which law enforcement was able to solicit help from the public in identification of the Boston Marathon attackers.

    AGAIN – assuming the civil liberties question is mitigated (in the Fremont case) by control of the system and its recorded information – why would you not want the opportunity to avail yourselves of this possible benefit?

    Re Marty trolling –

    I appreciate that there are those who focus on the personality traits and question of “who” someone is. Please dont misunderstand my point.

    My point is simply that I place the question of “who” you are as well as claims of personality traits (“..your stupid..”) at the bottom of my list of discussion priorities – at least as much as I can.

    I’m far more interested in knowing *why* Marty feels a need to defend the status quo in a manner which, almost totally, relies on an ad hominem attack on its detractors. That’s a discussion that anyone with a sincere desire should feel comfortable having in an open venue.

    But, it’s kinda a mute point, dontcha think? Marty has made clear that I’ve been “trolled”. . . (no suprise) . . . whith this point confirmed, you kinda have to call into quesion the veracity of statments made.

  29. I played along with your conspiracy. If you’d rather not be trolled, don’t project yourself as a nut job who believes I am either an Argus reporter or a government agent.

    And of course, consider your deficiencies. You are among one of the most caustic, arrogant, insult slinging personalities I have ever come across on the net. The depressing part is you sincerely believe you are a metered and cogent figure. The part that will likely make you irate is that this is coming from me.

    I’ll further submit that your incoherent logic coupled with the fact that you have pretty much nothing to say unless is a response to me, and how these exchanges take over the comments is the reason nobody participates anymore.

    You want a more civic blog? Don’t ever respond to one of my comments again. I will comply as well.

  30. Well Chris, It is Marty’s blog now, once again he has been a nasty SOB, but hey, Chris you are to gutless to do anything about it. Does Marty have something on you.
    Shut down this blog

  31. Jasper Stein, there have been constant back and forth for several days now, with several people chiming in, and not one person dominating the discussion. Yet, in your opinion, it’s suddenly now just ONE person’s blog? Really? Re-read the comments above in this thread. I would prefer a more civil discourse. I would prefer a larger breadth of topics being discussed. But if it’s been one thing on this blog and this threat that’s been consistent, it’s always been a wide range of people commenting. (and bickering). So, JS, I respectfully yet strongly disagree with you.

    Lastly … you know, you still are free to comment on other issues and threads. Just a suggestion.)

    (And if you saw me recently, you’d know that my gut is anything but small.)

  32. Also, no hard feelings. Please take up the offer that others have taken up, and contact me to meet for coffee to discuss Tri-City issues that need more coverage or suggestions for the blog. In fact, I’m meeting one of TCB’s commenters tonite for a coffee to discuss exactly those things. The door is always open, even if your list of complaints is long. Thanks.

  33. Forgive, sounds good
    Forget, I’m not sure I could

    Maybe the FCN can make this all nice. Those of you who have ruined Fremont. are you ready to listen to reason and and perhaps do the right thing? Play Ball & Viva Bacon!


  34. 26,589

    That’s at least four thousand four hundred and sixty eight really good reasons to be concerned.

    A full 20% more than any other candidate could bring to the polls.

    In many ways, Fremont politics has a lot in common with Raider football. Coaches and players looking befuddled and bewildered. They exert their energies keeping fans (and taxpayers) preoccupied with an image . . . . and OFF of the scoreboard.

  35. 1

    At least Anu understands that a professional sports franchise is about the only thing that could have saved Fremont. “Bacon mean business” is a BOLD-FACED LIE … you and Vinnie both know it.

  36. #41 – and 16,995 Fremont voters agreed with you.

  37. #41 Charlie Tuna the sky has not fallen and Fremont has moved on.Thermo Fisher is Building there new Building next to Tesla. The Solydra Building Just got leased and hey for all us Niles yuppies they are building a Whole Foods.

  38. Nope, it wasn’t with Marty. Jasper, if you’re interested in meeting to discuss issues/story ideas or would prefer talking by phone, please call me at 510-353-7011. Or you can always email me at cdebenedetti@bayareanewsgroup.com. Either way is cool. Thanks.

  39. Also, Charlie … we get it. You really dislike Vinnie Bacon. Trust me, we get it. Isn’t there any other topic on which you’d like to comment?

  40. Bbox, What is your position on Police-sponsored no-questions-asked gun buybacks?

    #33 Hey Jasper, …Like I said when I left you in the bushes behind Mojo’s,
    That it was highly unlikely,
    but If I ever wanted your ass in the air again that I’d let you know.

    So don’t ask me again.

  41. I don’t think they amount to a tinkers damn in addressing crime.

    They are an opportunity (as is any crime scene) for someone to take advantage of the situation to their personal benefit.

    I also think these guys are sworn professionals. If we can’t trust them – we’ve got much, much bigger problems on our hands.

    Not saying there isn’t a bad apple in every crowd, but, show me an inventory of Serial numbers collected and I’ll show you an opportunistic “swap” (my low-value throw-away for your AR-15)

  42. #43…Trust me Worbs, the only reason Thermo Fisher is building their new building is because of all the money they have saved relentlessly underpaying their employees.

    #46…Sure Chris, how about we discuss why Fremont is now a city in ruins, and *WHO* is to blame.

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