Fremont: Officers fatally shoot dog after it attacks, police say

Story by Natalie Alund:

FREMONT — Officers shot and killed a dog Monday after the animal attacked them at a Fremont home, police said.

The officers were not injured and the breed of the dog was not known, police said.

Officers were called at 8:10 p.m. to the 48200 block of Sawleaf Street for a report of a vicious dog, said police spokeswoman Geneva Bosques.

A 911 caller told dispatchers that four dogs were loose and had chased a neighbor; the caller also said that one of the dogs may have bit another person a week earlier, Bosques said.

As officers arrived, they were challenged by three of the dogs. The largest and most aggressive was initially fended off, Bosques said, but the dog then began to attack officers, forcing them to shoot it.

The dog was transported to a veterinarian’s office, but later died, Bosques said.

The other dogs were not injured.

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Chris DeBenedetti

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