Huge parcel in Fremont purchased, slated for development

I was out of town for a few days, so our Business section handled this one. This Fremont parcel has a ton of history behind it, including being a ballpark site once considered by A’s owners. Here’s the story by George Avalos:

FREMONT — A realty firm has bought a big chunk of vacant land in Fremont that is expected to become a key piece of the East Bay city’s economic mosaic with office buildings, research and manufacturing facilities, and retail complexes.

Newport Beach-based Integral Communities, which develops mixed-use projects, bought the 150-acre site near Interstate 880 and Auto Mall Parkway from San Jose-based Cisco Systems (CSCO).

“This is a very significant piece of property, it’s a great piece of property,” said C. Evan Knapp, a principal with Integral Communities. “It is important for Fremont. It is important for the whole 880 corridor.”

Integral has held some preliminary discussions with the city of Fremont about what might be developed on the site.

“We want to listen to what Fremont wants, what the constituents want, and then go out and execute on what people want,” Knapp said. “We have kicked around some concepts, but we haven’t decided yet.”

Fremont officials would like to see the parcel occupied by office buildings, tech campuses, research facilities and industrial and manufacturing complexes, as well as retail stores and auto dealerships.

“We want this to be a site for job creation,” said Kelly Kline, Fremont’s economic development director. “This is also a great opportunity to expand the Fremont auto mall.”

Kline added, “Residential is not allowed at this point.”

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Chris DeBenedetti

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