Fremont skate park set to open soon after being beset by delays

A skate park may seem like a small thing but not to Fremont’s kids, who have gone without one for four years. And give how long of a road it took to get this one built, something tells me this isn’t the last story we’re going to do on it.

FREMONT — Construction of the city’s new skate park has been as challenging and unpredictable as riding a skateboard on one of its advanced-level ramps.

The good news is, after delays stemming from a lawsuit and construction issues, the long-awaited facility is just days away from opening on the southwest corner of Central Park, city officials said. The $1.4 million construction job is nearly complete, as employees and city inspectors are finishing work on the area’s fencing, irrigation and other small but important details, said Kelly King, Fremont’s recreation superintendent.

“We’re as excited as anyone to get it open,” he said. “But we want to be sure our i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed, so that when we do open we’ll be ready to go without interruption.”

The grand opening is scheduled for June 19. But a soft opening may come as early next week and, after years of waiting, local skateboarders are chomping at the bit, said Donna Wies, member of Friends of the Fremont Skate Park.

“It’s like a mirage right now. It looks like a finished skate park, but it’s not done yet,” said Wies, who got involved in advocating for the park to support her son’s love of skateboarding. “You can imagine how tempting it is for kids to climb that chain-link fence, but we’ve asked them to be patient.”

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Chris DeBenedetti


  1. Kudos to staff and council for bringing this one across the finish line. This is a well designed facility 2nd to none – IMHO – as compared the other public skate parks in the Bay Area.

  2. Agreed Bbox #1, I just wish they would have located it over by the library.
    They put it in a sensitive environmental area, close to the fresh water wetland.

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