Fremont teachers vote to ratify tentative contract agreement

Members of the Fremont Unified District Teachers Association has ratified the tentative contract agreement it recently reached with the district, according to an announcement emailed to The Argus on Thursday night.
The Teachers Association ratified the tentative agreement with 84.7% of the 1,115 ballots cast, said Brannin Dorsey, the teachers union’s president.
“We are pleased to announce that our members have ratified our tentative agreement,” Dorsey said. “It is our first three year contract since 2004 and is our first pay increase since 2007.”
“Over the past five years our members have sacrificed so much to ensure that the students in Fremont Unified received the best education possible.  This is the first step in regaining what we’ve lost.”
Next, the Fremont Unified School Board is expected to ratify the contract agreement at a June 12 meeting.


Chris DeBenedetti