Fremont may use eminent domain process to buy land needed for proposed downtown

FREMONT — The City Council on Tuesday will consider using the eminent domain process to acquire a parcel considered crucial for the city’s proposed downtown area.

The 65,150 square-foot property is at 39138 Fremont Blvd., between Mowry and Beacon avenues.

Fremont officials are trying to purchase it for the Capitol Avenue extension project, which would connect Paseo Padre Parkway and Fremont Boulevard.

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Chris DeBenedetti


  1. I assume the two defunct shacks next store are going to get tagged as well? They are not part of the intermediate development plan.

  2. Good bye, Citibank—down Mowry, to the Whole Foods plaza, from what I’ve read.

    It’s nice to see something happening. I still wonder if “Downtown Fremont” will happen in my lifetime. Add “The Block” to that pile as well. Neat-o renderings, though.

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