Fremont using eminent domain for crucial downtown road extension

City officials expect to file the court action by end of June …

FREMONT — City officials have started the eminent domain process to purchase a parcel of land considered key in developing the downtown area, while taking steps to reassure neighboring owners that their properties are not next for the wrecking ball.

The five-member City Council unanimously voted last week to seize and acquire a 65,150 square-foot property at 39138 Fremont Blvd., between Mowry and Beacon avenues. The parcel is home to a three-story office building that houses a Citibank branch and other businesses. The building is in Fremont Plaza, a strip mall between a pair of outdoor shopping centers, Town Fair and The Hub.

“The city is looking forward to meeting with representatives of the owners of the Citibank building as soon as possible to work out the differences we have regarding the value of the building,” City Attorney Harvey Levine said. “We have already reached out to the tenants to assist them in finding new places to relocate.”

Norm Matteoni, a San Jose-based attorney representing the Southern California-based property owners, Fremont Capital Group, LLC, said the city is not offering fair market value.

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Chris DeBenedetti


  1. I will start now:

    Save Nation’s, Hobee’s and Galaxy Arcade! Save Nation’s, Hobee’s and Galaxy Arcade! Save Nation’s, Hobee’s and Galaxy Arcade! What’s that? All of them? When? Oh.

    Save Nation’s!

  2. and I will finish:
    Glen,the lunatics have already taken over the asylum. 40,000 people could have been in Fremont today spending their money in Fremont at a state of the art stadium in Fremont employing thousands in Fremont. Too bad Vinnie/Box and the vocal minority were able to wag the dog and doom Fremont to mediocrity, for no good reason!

  3. #2 “WARNING WARNING ALERT”.Charlie Tuna still can’t see through the smoke of his bong. And when the smoke clears guess still there will be no stadium for charlie and his bong smoking beer drinking cronies. To bad so sad. NOT

  4. #3 “WARNING WARNING Will Worbleson” The San Jose ballpark is not going to happen AND it’s a bit crappy in Oakland right now. Good thing that Anu is on the right track. Fremont needs to throw its hat back in the ring and build that cash cow of a stadium it in that field of weeds that Bacon is so fond of. To be sure you and your vocal minority of bong smoking yokels will most likely dare to try and swiftboat the best thing that could happen to Fremont again. It an’t over till the righteous prevail and that day is near!

  5. Huh. I was implying that the little plaza there has been at death’s door for decades, and many companies have been smart enough to leave, especially after seeing Fremont’s years-old downtown plan.

    By the way, it’s 2013.

  6. #5 – You’ve come to the wrong place, Glenn.

    The last thing anyone on this blog wants is to allow a dialogue to settle for any protracted period on the factual record(s) – it’s too damaging to those who have occupied City Haul for far too long.

    So, Bill, Anu and Susie’s promoters are forced to pivot, redirect to nonsensical B.S. – and pray no one hangs around long enough to see who is in the drivers seat.

  7. Glenn, look at the city plan. There’s a pdf online. As I recall the city has three stages of “downtown” development, and I believe those buildings are out at stage two.

  8. Marty’s right.

    We’re approaching Stage 2 – of the *current version* of the Fremont “Downtown Plan”.

    Trying to remember how many previous iterations of a “Downtown Plan” have been bought and paid for but I lost track.

  9. Stage #3…Sad to say only Lew Wolff is the only one that can save Fremont.

  10. #9 Sad to say, if true: Fremont’s doomed.

    (watch CC go OFF on this…..)

  11. Charlie, honey.

    It is just speculation (no pun intended) but it was never about baseball or jobs or Fremont to Mr. Wolfffff.
    It was about the real estate.
    Picture all of those houses and cars and traffic separating you from Niles and wherever it is you go.

  12. #11…Dan-O, dearest.
    Your side and your leaders (Bacon & KMac) that represented a vocal minority did win the day. The stadium was going to bring $130 million dollars into Fremont every year for at least 40 years, that is a fact. So what is the advantage of building and then tearing down then rebuilding a strip mall every 10 years instead? Check and mate!

  13. Funny how, on one hand – pro-stadium-Charlie loves to advertise the benefits of those one-time construction jobs which would have resulted from the building of a new stadium – but, is seemingly incapable of acknowledging the very same benefit when it results from the building (and rebuilding – and re-rebuilding) of something OTHER than a stadium – – – like local malls for example.

    And here all this time I thought Charlie was pro-development.

  14. #13…Unlike you and the rest of the Baconista vocal minority, I have always been in favor of *sensible* development. Is it really true that your sides answer to *sensible* development is building then tearing down strip malls every ten years? If so I suggest that you, Vinnie and the rest of the vocal minority go down to the Block and treat yourselves to an extra large tapioca while pondering the consequences of your actions that have permanently screwed everyone in Fremont.

  15. Try to stay focused on the original question, Charlie.

    Why is it that you’ve done such a good job of promoting the benefits of the construction jobs associated with the stadium concept, but, overlook that very same benefit in Post #12 above?

    It’s a simple question –

  16. Elementary Boxie. The stadium only needed to be built once to be a 40 year cash cow. As you know hhe stadium would have brought in at least $130 million dollars to Fremont every year, far exceeding all the revenue four strip malls could possibly hope to ever generate. It’s really simple, your side dropped the ball when you chased this cash cow out of town and killed the best deal that could have ever come to Fremont. Fremont could have been a major league city…so enjoy your tapioca in purgatory Boxie…you earned it!

  17. You didn’t answer the question, Charlie.

    PLEASE – try to focus – – –

    Why aren’t the jobs that originate from the building and re-building and re-re-building of malls good for Fremont but, the ones that result from building a stadium (once) ARE?

  18. Let’s try this again…No strip mall x 4 will *ever* = the bonanza of benifits a professional sports franchise would have brought to Fremont. Sure you can pay the folks who build the strip mall over and over and over again, but what good does that do for the poor citizens who by the way are currently being misrepresented and lied to by the people on your side. That’s just a fact Boxie.
    Building a strip mall over and over and over again is what I suppose your side defines as “Bacon means business”…your thoughts?

  19. Let’s try it again . . . and again . . . and . . .

    And, maybe – someday – you’ll figure out what you should have said in the first place(?)

    Lame “U” turn, Charlie.

  20. 19#
    Boxie…maybe you and your little buddy Dan-O are a true belivers or maybe the both of yous are a tad delusional but on the stadium issue you will *always* be so wrong. “Bacon means bussiness” is and will always be a bold faced lie. Vinnie knows this and could care less that he has lied to the people he represents. Bacon is proving to be just another corrupt politican. I do invite you and your comrades to please rebut this if that could *ever* be possibile. Sad to say I expect you will dodge my question as has been your custom.

  21. No dodges, here Charlie.

    The record is clear – – –

    Your attempts to reinforce the credibility of Susie and Anu and Bill continues to be a position built solely on anecdotal nonsense (much like the mailers and other promotional flyers each authors at election time) and which chooses to ignore any meaningful dialogue.

    It’s clear that this faction is frightened of the factual record. Your posts continue to be just one more bit of evidence which supports this claim.

  22. #23
    Let’s try it again . . . Metric guys like you and Bacon are well aware the demand for professional sport in the community is increasing. The social impact of sports philanthropy is increasing as well. Sport economists acknowledge that professional sports contribute to the society in such a way that mathematical analysis often underestimates. The obvious benefits such as improved quality of life, investment of public resources and civic pride it seems are less important to your side than some kind of political victory and a large tapioca. The record is clear– – –that understanding the benifits of professional sports is beyond your comprehension. I would encourage Susie, Anu and Bill not to give up for your sides colossal blundering that has haulted the overall development of our city. It’s not over till it’s over…Play ball!

  23. The Year is 2025 …. Michael of Niles AKA Charlie is still complaining about The San Jose Athletics not coming to Fremont……

  24. #25 Bruce…In the year 2525 *ALL* the decendents of Vinnie Bacon will become what Vinnie has become… corrupt politicans ignoring what is best for their communities for their own political gain…ie Darwinism breaking bad!

  25. Our city leaders HOPE that “.. this project will really begin the downtown ..” while our Mayor is waiting for the developers to “…show us then what they think they can deliver, what they envision …”

    “It will be progress they can see.” – he says.

    Wait – we HOPE this effort will produce a desired result, and, we’re waiting to see what developers will provide? What happened to what WE (staff, city manager, and council) want and are planning???? Somehow, in Fremont – we appear to differ fundamentals of management and planning to external third parties – or at least that’s what we’re quoted as saying.

    Can someone tell me how this pivotal (according to the article) development is any different than those other mixed use/high density tenements already completed along Civic Center Drive and Walnut Avenue at California? But THIS one is REALLY special . . . . at least that’s what we’re hoping.

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