Fremont joins San Jose, Santa Clara in nonprofit tech group partnership

In case you missed this …

FREMONT — The city has been invited to join San Jose and Santa Clara in a nonprofit organization that aims to partner with businesses and use high-tech tools to help cities improve delivery of public services.

The cities’ nonprofit group, called the Silicon Valley Talent Partnership, plans to reach that goal by forging alliances with Silicon Valley companies, such as Google and Adobe, said Fremont Mayor Bill Harrison.

“Anytime you can forge a partnership between government and business to make government run more efficiently, that’s a good thing,” he said.

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Chris DeBenedetti


  1. Red Light Camera Protest Group

    More proof of how extending yellows reduces red light running and makes for safer intersections. This is at Mission and Mohave in Fremont, CA. An increase of 0.7 seconds resulted in an immediate drop of violations by 76%. And that decrease has been sustained for over 2 years! No rebound effect – permanently safer intersection!

    More proof of how extending yellows reduces red light running and makes for safer intersections. This is at Mission and Mohave in Fremont, CA. An increase of 0.7 seconds resulted in an immediate drop of violations by 76%. And that decrease has been sustained for over 2 years! No rebound effect – permanently safer intersection!

  2. BART
    Let them strike!!!!!
    According to the Mercury News, the average BART employee salary in 2012 was $83k. With benefits, it was $116k. BART union employees are one of the few in the Bay Area who contribute ZERO to their own pensions. Also, within their current contract, they are scheduled to receive a 1% raise beginning Monday. On top of that raise, they want a 23% raise over the next three years

  3. As is usually the case, it’s tough to know what the union and its membership ACTUALLY are hoping for.

    That said, the published expectations (23% over the next four years – for example) are soooo far out of touch with any reality that, these published demands alone, serve to discredit the union’s public position.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see employees cozying up to their riders in the previous week or two leading up to the prospect of a strike. Unfortunately, the pleasant smiles and overly helpful demeanor of these last couple of weeks merely serves to emphasize what a lousy job of customer service we do over the other 50 weeks a year.

    Please post the “help wanted” sign.

    Loads of well-qualified individuals out there who, if trained to push which button and pull which lever, understand and are incented by, free-market competition.

  4. Can we just change this to the “frothing at the mouth/ crazy old man/damn kids get off my lawn/distorted memories of how things used to be” blog?

    I have probably met most of you, well the ones who actually go out in the community. Why don’t you go out and do something productive? You purport to be “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” types but all I see is a lot of boot licking.

  5. http://newark.patch.com/groups/opinion/p/is-newark-above-the-law–more-about-red-light-camera-tickets

    Is Newark Above the Law? More about red light camera tickets.

    In a recent case involving a red light camera ticket issued at Cedar and Mowry in Newark, the Commissioner hearing the case ruled that Newark had not complied with a particular section of the vehicle code. This section said that Newark should have issued a Public Notice prior to activating the cameras. The Commissioner ruled that Newark had not done so and therefor dismissed the ticket.

    Here is where it gets interesting. A news report (Channel 5) and a few letters from local residents questioned whether any tickets in the past were valid and whether the City had the authority to issue any future tickets in light of the recent ruling.

  6. #4 Bruce…If our community had a professional sport franchise red light cameras would not be necessary. Fremont would be flush with millions in tax revenue from the tourist coming to Frmeont and spending their money.

  7. come on Chuckie at least put an ounce of thought into your claims before you make them. otherwise people are liable to begin to question your intellect or something. practically every city in the nation which hosts an MLB stadium still makes use of red light cameras.

  8. #6 & #7…Boxie & Dan-O,
    I suggest that you guys go down to the any strip in Fremont mall tomorrow and enjoy a patriotic tapioca in honor of Vinnie Bacons dream come true. If our community had a professional sport franchise there would be 40,000 tourist here tomorrow spending their money in a way more beneficial to all than on a large yogurt. Time for you two to look into a mirrior and see that your faces are melting off!

  9. Wait – I thought your point was that we’d have enough money to get rid of Red Light Cam’s Charlie – but, as it turns out – perhaps you were off track – – – again, and again, and again.

    Haven’t you got ANYTHING of ANY substance?????

  10. #8….

    …and I thought it was the Rosacea and too much sun.
    Happy 4th Charlie-one-thought and to you all!

  11. #9 & #10…Boxie & Dan-O,
    Time for you two to look into a mirrior and see that your faces are *STILL* melting off. Face it fellas…your hero Vinnie has and will never have a clue. What you all thought was right for Fremont was wrong.

  12. Did Bill and Anu ever settle the Dumbarton Quarry loss or is that just going to be swept under the carpet too?

  13. No, there is a LOT going on with that issue Box that will affect Fremont and surrounds…
    I don’t have time right now to detail it but I believe you will be seeing a lot of activity/buzz on the Quarry.

    It is in the early stages but what was originally planned (and accepted) to “fix” it and what is now being proposed is very far apart in my opinion.

    More to come.

  14. Dumbarton Quarry is becoming a dumping ground for toxic materials.
    There is a Housing Development across from Coyote Hills Park. They have tried to remedy the toxic soil of Toxaphine.
    They are now going to dump all the TOXIC Soil into the Dumbarton Quarry.
    I think this will contaminate the water table.
    Why is Fremont Planning Commission and the Fremont City Council approving this.
    I will tell you why, those same Developers are feeding all the politicians and wannabe politicians (Planning Commission) campaign chests, check what Developers contributed to our Fremont City Council, they represent the Developers not the Residents of Fremont.
    Contact your Fremont City Council and Planning Commission which is the breeding grounds for future politicians.
    Tell them to not poison us, just so developers can have there way?

  15. BTW you will mot read this in the Oakland Argus, it is local news.
    Check the Patch or Tri City Voice for local news

  16. #13,14 &15/ Box,Dan-O & Bruce
    You Baconistas are fooling yourselves…While Bill, Sue and Anu *mean* business Bacon has *killed* business and then claimed otherwise.You fellas need to look into the mirrior and ask yourself if anything has changed for the *better* since Vinnies been on the city council.

  17. What will be interesting will be to see the final resolution on the quarry . . . and then answer the question – “If this was what we were ORIGINALLY offered in exchange for the request to continue to use – would we have done the deal?”

    So often these little “oopsies” end up being little more than a re-renegotiation of original terms, which, had they been presented up front, would never have been agreed to.

  18. #17 Please put down the bong. We are (finally) talking about an issue that can affect the future….not babbling about an issue long gone.

    Suck it up…it’s over.

    Back to the #13-16,18: I disagree; I think there are a lot of folks working to get the facts out on this and it is up to us to keep our eyes open for upcoming council meetings and additional press. There was a planning meeting on May 9th on the subject and I believe you can view the webcast.

  19. The city of Fremont has approved dumping toxic waste into Dumbarton Quarry. Yet, when they changed the ordinance they said no Toxic Substances.
    see below.
    Can The Fremont City Council be trusted…

    Reclamation will provide for complete backfill of the quarry excavation and leave the site in a stabilized
    condition so that it can be readily adapted to the future development of a regional park. The excavation
    will be filled to 31 feet above mean sea level. The fill will come from local and regional construction
    excavations tested in accordance with the protocols of the California Department of Toxic Substances
    Control to ensure compliance with the standards of the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality
    Control Board. The fill will be placed in accordance with the geotechnical recommendations of the
    geotechnical report prepared for the project.

  20. #17…No Dan-O, the future was in fact killed when the ballpark was swiftboated by the Baconista vocal minority.
    #21…Yes Bruce, as long as Vinnie is a member the Fremont City Council can not be trusted.

  21. ..and one more will get you the details –


    I am forced into breaking this down into two separate posts so that I don’t violate the arbitrarily imposed limit on more than one link in a given post . . . doing otherwise would (based on past experience) likely result in my attempt to share this information never making it into the light of day – – –

  22. Bbox #24
    Here is the Fremont Document that turns Dumbarton Quarry into a TOXIC DUMP, brought to you by The Fremont City Council and Fremont Planning Commission falling over each other to Please the Contractors. This will insure that there campaign coffers are filled.
    I think I am going to Puke.

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