Fremont to reopen Sunday library hours in August

The Fremont Main Library, which has been closed on Sundays since 2003, will reopen in August:

FREMONT — After a decade of darkness on one day each weekend, the Fremont Main Library soon will restore service on Sundays, thanks to the city’s increasingly strong finances and the hard work of community advocates.

The library, set along Stevenson Boulevard on the northern end of Central Park, will hold its Sunday grand reopening Aug. 11, Fremont officials said.

“I think it’s perfect timing to open, around when school starts,” Mayor Bill Harrison said. “We’re excited about it — our library is one of the crown jewels of the Alameda County Library system.”

Restoring Sunday hours long been a goal of the Fremont Library Advisory Commission, an eight-member panel appointed by the mayor. Commissioners have spent several years lobbying the community and the City Council to raise awareness about the demand for more library time, said Ruchi Sahota, the panel’s vice chair.

“There’s been a deprivation of hours,” Sahota said. “It’s not open in the mornings on most weekdays, and it’s open only seven hours on one weekend day, Saturday.”

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Chris DeBenedetti

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