Fremont Police Blotter — Wednesday, July 10

#007 Non-Injury Collision

Country and Paseo Padre, investigated by Ofc Kennedy.

#021 Injury Accident

Mission and Niles, investigated by Ofc Spear.

#024 Non-Injury Collision

Adobe and Nicolet. Investigated by Ofc Candler.

#034 Injury Collision

Grimmer and Broadmoor. vehicle vs. pedestrian. Investigated by Ofc Huiskens.

#016 Possession of Dangerous Drugs

Ofc. Sanders responded to an address on Glenwood St. and arrested a 41 year old adult male, Fremont resident, for possession of dangerous drugs.

#002 Resisting Arrest

At approximately 8:10 a.m. officers responded to a disturbance between two females at an address on Pickering Ave.  Contact was made with the two females.  One of the females, a 59 year old adult female did not want to let police in to check on the welfare of the second female who had called for help.  She told officers to go away and refused to open the door until officers said they would have to kick it in.  She complied, but put her hands up still refusing to allow them to make entry.  The second female was in the background telling officers she had called and needed help.  Officers detained the 59 year old adult female and she became combative with officers.  She was ultimately arrested for resisting arrest.  Officers sustained scratches and bruises during the altercation.

#029 Warrant Arrest

During a warrant service at 4400 Central Ave, a 34 year old adult female was arrested for her outstanding warrant.

#031 Meth Pipe Possession and Suspended License Arrest

During a traffic stop at Decoto/Cabrillo, a 33 year old adult male was arrested and booked.

#032 Public Intoxication

At approximately 8:40 p.m., Ofc. S. Hunt found a 46 year old adult male drunk and disorderly near the Bally’s fitness at the Brookvale Center.  He was arrested and booked at Santa Rita Jail.

#037 Possession of Burglary Tools and Marijuana Arrest

Ofcr Austin was dispatched to a suspicious person call in the area of Boone and Wheeler.  The reporting party stated that the unknown male was looking through the windows of a black SUV.  Officers make a pedestrian stop and arrest a 53 year old adult male, Fremont resident, for possession of burglary tools (spring assisted switch blade knife, bolt cutters, screw driver, etc.), over a pound of marijuana and multiple outstanding warrants.

Chris DeBenedetti


  1. Marijuana Farms in Fremont?
    Yes! In our neighborhood…
    That’s correct, the two homes located at 38524 & 38532 Thane street have converted their properties to large scale, full-time marijuana growing operations. Growing marijuana as high as the rooftops in amounts that far exceed the legal limits as outlined in California Laws that allow a person to grow for their own personal medicinal use.
    Fremont Police and the Police Chief are aware of this situation but are reluctant to pursue the matter as they say “the District Attorney flip-flops back and forth as whether to prosecute or not.” Like many police departments in the bay area, they have limited resources and need to use their resources to investigate robberies, burglaries, and assaults. That is understandable, but large-scale marijuana cultivation, drug dealing and the criminal element that comes with it has no place in our community. Fremont has legislation that prohibits legitimate Marijuana dispensaries that sell and distribute the drug to legitimate patients, yet apparently has no limits on cultivating Marijuana.
    In 2012, these two homes on Thane street had intruders that came to steal the marijuana. In other bay area cities, there were robberies at gunpoint in which criminals came to steal marijuana from similar growing operations. Do we need to wait until stray bullets harm an innocent person before the police take action? These marijuana farms are in a neighborhood filled with families and children and across the street from a church.
    We urge residents in our neighborhood to contact the Fremont Police Department and demand they uphold the laws of California. Contact the District Attorney and demand they stop Marijuana Farms in Fremont. Contact the Drug enforcement Agency and insist they uphold our Federal Laws. Contact the Mayor and City Council members and urge them to enact legislation that stops unregulated Marijuana farms in Fremont.
    Our City, our neighborhood and our family’s safety are at stake.

    Citizens for a Safer Fremont

  2. It soon will be legal and there are many thousands of grow farms. They need to legalize it and treat it as they do alcohol. They need to control it through legislation/laws. Not knee jerk reactions, that has gone on for a long time and look what happened. Washington, Colorado, and next California, Oregon for full legalization.
    The tax dollars generated for legalization of pot will be in the hundreds of Million Dollars!

  3. The comments in the post appearing above are correct as to the Fremont Police Department being aware of the marijuana cultivation that has taken place at these residences. However, the reason we have not seized it is not a question of use of department resources. We spent a considerable amount of time investigating the conduct attempting to establish a lawful basis for action. Members of our department went the residences and were given access to inspect the property. At that time, they were provided documentation of the medical justification for the cultivation. Subsequently, our investigators conferred with a prosecutor from the Office of the District Attorney. Despite the scale of the operation, as a matter of law, the conclusion was this activity is protected under the Medical Marijuana laws of California.

    I share the concerns about the dangers this brings into a neighborhood. I do not agree these circumstances should be permitted to exist under California law. Addressing the issue of marijuana generally, in my opinion, the proliferation in our state is a significant threat to a meaningful number of our adolescent population. The ease of access and high potency of what is available today align together to threaten the academic success and health of many student age kids. In any case, as to the immediate issue of the activities at these two homes, we were unable to establish an authority to take action.

    Thank you.

    Richard Lucero
    Chief of Police
    Fremont Police Department

  4. Thank you, Chief Lucero, for taking the time to explain these legally murky waters.

  5. Thank you, Chief Lucero, for taking the time to explain
    It is appreciated…

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