Tesla buys land for test track in Fremont

Story by colleague George Avalos:

FREMONT — Tesla Motors (TSLA) has gobbled up a 35-acre site in Fremont near its automotive factory, apparently to build a test track for its all-electric automobiles.

“The land is attached to the Tesla factory property,” said Shanna Hendriks, a spokeswoman for Tesla. “We will use it as we expand our use of the facilities.”

Although Tesla didn’t provide details about precisely how the land would be used, analysts say it would allow the company to expand an old test track that was built when General Motors and Toyota made cars and pickups there.

“It’s a really good idea for Tesla to take over the test track,” said Theodore O’Neill, an analyst with Litchfield Hills Research, an investment firm. “Having a big test track will improve the ability of engineers to work out the kinks in new vehicles.”

Tesla bought the land Wednesday, Alameda County property records show. The seller was Union Pacific Railroad. Terms weren’t disclosed.

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Chris DeBenedetti


  1. Dear Mr. Box,
    If you happened to watch the Warriors parade it should be obvious to you that Civic pride matters. Sorry to say civic pride is *DEAD* in Fremont thanks to you and the phony who has come to be known as *BACON*. Maybe you and the man who would be mayor can get yet a another taxpayer financed trip to India to researched on how red light cameras mean bussiness? Keep sweeping your dirt it under the rug Perry Masonry and riddle me this…can those who own $2,000 DOGS give a crap? Check & Mate!

  2. Would Tesla have taken over the NUMMI facility if there had been a stadeumm in the offing? (answer = “no” – and this consideration was likely quietly addressed between Elon and the fed’s when Tesla originally agreed to move in)

    Would Thermo Fisher have taken over the Solyndra facility if they had a stadeumm in their backyard? (answer = “no”)

    Would retailers at Pacific Commons have had their businesses compromised by game-day traffic and parking if the stadeumm had been built in their front-yards?? (answer = “yes”)

    Do the math.

    This Fremont stadium atrocity would have eliminated 1000’s of jobs and dozens of businesses from our fair city. Fortunately, ONE of our council members had the good sense to rally on behalf of BUSINESS!!!!!


    BTW – I watched the warrior parade – as well as the set up – – – and the clean up – – – – and $100’s of thousands of dollars that Oakland spent on this. It was a good time. And, from what I can see of the other 364 days of the year, it was money that could have and should have been spent on other priorities. .

    Stay tuned – cuz it’s just a matter of time before Raiders and A’s and Warriors depart Oakland for “prettier” deals. And Oakland will be left holding the bag on many more years of debt. . . .

  3. Dear Mr Box,
    “no” but in fact the answer is…HELL YES.The stadium would have been a billion dollar cash cow for years to come. Thanks to you and the man who would be mayor there will NEVER be an MLB ALL STAR GAME or a WORLD SERIES or a U2 concert in Fremont. You must be very proud…VIVA BACON!

  4. Ummm – Charlie –
    I noticed you never touched the part where Oakland will be BURIED in debt for many years to come – – – AFTER the A’s and Raiderz and Warriors leave them for greener pastures.


  5. Dear Mr Box,
    Civic pride means *NOTHING* to you and the man who would be mayor. I say VB is no better than any other run of the mill corrupt politician. Besides Fremont, only Berkeley would be stupid enough to *NOT* want a professional sports franchise in their city limits. When is the big lie going to end Mr BOX? Check & Mate!

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