Poor Huma Abedin

And, lastly, I can’t end this day without offering sympathies to Huma Abedin … long-suffering wife of Anthony Weiner. His kind of double jeopardy form of self-destruction leaves me speechless. Fortunately, colleague Josh Richman has said something on the issue, or at least created something. He made a Storify story entitled:

Weinergate II: The Ballad of Carlos Danger

As Josh wrote: “It’s hard to believe a married man who had to resign his seat in Congress after becoming a walking, talking penis joke still had the poor judgment to continue sexting with strangers, and now has the cojones to continue his New York City mayoral campaign. But, whoop, there Anthony Weiner is.”

For more of Josh’s Storify story on Anthony Weiner’s second worst day ever, click here.

[And for more info on what  Storify is, click here.]



Chris DeBenedetti


  1. A lot to do over nothing, that did not hurt anyone, except Wieners wife and She is standing by him.

  2. Huma comes off as a real Betty Draper to me. She needs that man for air.

    I cant wait for the handbook progressives to praise her strength.

  3. Now Huma knows what Nancy Reagan must have went through.

  4. In all likelihood Huma Abedin has been contemplating her dignity from a perch on all fours hoping to get a chance to experience what Nancy Reagan went through.

  5. W-e-l-l there you go again. History is confirming Ronnie the popular was in fact Ronnie the hound. History is also confirming that Jimmy Carter won the cold war.

  6. Jimmy Carter did in fact win the Cold War by being a one term president.

  7. The claim that Reagan won the Cold War is pure rightwing propaganda. In USA Today poll taken four days after the fall of the Berlin Wall found that 43 percent of Americans credited Gorbachev, while only 14 percent cited Reagan. So I guess you can say Gorbachev means business.

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