Housing development near Fremont’s St. Joseph’s Cemetery area again stirs controversy, rumor

ICYMI: A story that ran in Sunday’s paper:

FREMONT — Plans to build houses next to a Mission San Jose district cemetery were approved three years ago, but the recent sight of bulldozers clearing land for the project resurrected an old turf battle and unleashed alarming rumors about the tombstones’ future.

But, like many a ghost story, much of the rumors have yet to be proven true.

Edenbridge Homes, a Los Altos developer, plans to construct 16 single-family residences by the end of next year on a 3.2-acre property next to St. Joseph’s Cemetery, along Mission Boulevard. The sloping parcel next to the cemetery offers views of San Francisco Bay and Peninsula cities to the west and the Fremont hills to the east.

The parcel once was the home to 251 unmarked graves that were relocated six years ago and some neighbors say they are unhappy that houses will be built on former grave sites.

Joe Lonsdale, who lives next to the cemetery and opposed the project three years ago, said the church should not have built over land that once housed unmarked graves. “I don’t think you should dig up bodies. The church shouldn’t do that,” he said. “To me, that’s a cemetery.”

But to city officials, it’s an issue that was decided three years ago, when the Planning Commission and City Council rejected a recommendation from Fremont’s Historical Architectural Review Board, and approved the development.

“The developer received all the approvals necessary to build a subdivision for developing 16 homes back in 2010,” said Clifford Nguyen, a Fremont associate planner.

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Chris DeBenedetti


  1. #44-#51
    Looks like the demonize a developer crowd can’t live without me!!!
    so here ya go “the three biggest lies are”…
    1. The checks in the mail
    2. This will only hurt for a little while
    3. Bacon means business
    coming soon…Bacon walks on water

  2. Charlie C or Michael of Niles, Have you been taking your meds. I think your sphincter muscle needs exercising…..

  3. The “taking your meds” joke, repeated ad nauseum, comes very close to a personal attack. And speaking of lines repeated ad nauseum … Charlie C, we get that you’re no fan of the councilman.

    In short, let’s clean it up, guys.

  4. I just want to point out that I was barely involved in this filthy little thread.

  5. Chris, #54
    I guess character assassination is ok. I just get tired of his rants, tirades against Bacon, but apparently that is ok.
    Sounds like a double standard…..

  6. #57
    In this thread you have often pointed out what you would consider hypocrisy have you not? Would you agree hypocrisy is by definition subjective? Would you agree that calling out what might be considered by some to be hypocrisy a bad thing? Is calling someone sanctimonious really character assassination? Is calling someone you disagree with mentally ill a personal attack?
    In short, I’m trying to clean it up.

  7. #56 we’ve all contributed at times. Some much more so than others. Heck some have not been satisfied with the infrequent comment but have gone to the extreme of dedicating an entire web site to a highly personalized assault. The revealing question is not “Who has been guilty if personal barbs?” – To be sure all are …. Rather the much more And revealing question is. “who has argued for reason and logic and avoidance of personalized BS in these discussions?”

  8. #60 – You’re welcome

    #61 – No I do not agree and nor do any of the data that have been provided to you. No doubt a few localized retailers will gather up some incremental entertainment revenue. To your point – those folks will benefit. But, they do so at the demise of other entertainment options. The vast majority of entertainment budgets are fixed. Ergo – as customers choose to buy a ticket to a game – they simultaneously choose not to go out to a movie or some other entertainment venue. It’s a zero-sum game, Charlie.

    The BIG winners will the players and owners who will suck vast sums out of the local economy. Sums which will, by in large, be spent outside the local economy.

    The vast majority of other non-food-service / non-sleep-over retailers and all other commercial interests will be huge losers as a result of the indirect costs which result from being hammered hard by inability to deliver their own goods and services in a timely manner; inability of customers to conveniently access their setting; inability of their suppliers to deliver goods and services in a predictable manner; and, inability of their employees to move about as a result of game day traffic snarls.

  9. #61 – No I do not agree…baseball fans from all 50 States and from all over the world would come to Fremont and spend their money at all the new businesses in Fremont and some would stay in the new upscale hotels in Fremont and eat in the new upscale restaurants in Fremont et cetera. Unfortuately this will not be happening in Fremont sooooo… we can all drive to Santa Clara through the already *existing traffic snarls* and spend our money on all the good things a major league city has to offer.

  10. Thank god Fremont is not a major league city.And thank you to all the smart people of Fremont for not letting our city become a money vacume for the team owner and the over paid players. NO BALLPARK IN FREMONT!! Charlie Tuna The sky still has not fallen on Fremont!!

  11. #63. Can you substantiate your personal opinion with any independent data? Would very much like to be persuaded to join your cause.

  12. So it appears Boxie has finally run out of gas…check & mate!

  13. #66 & #67 –

    That’s an interesting review on REVENUE – Charlie.

    You *do* understand the difference between REVENUE and MARGIN or PROFIT – don’t you, Charlie?

    Please tell me you do.

    To ADD to a local economy, REVENUE is meaningless.

    Nice try.

    Do you have any data that substantiates your opinion, Charlie? I hope you do.

  14. I’m sorry, Charlie.

    You’ve completely missed the original point.

    Revenue versus margin or profit. . . . See – – if all of that REVENUE is hauled off by owners and players . . . there is no economic ADVANTAGE or MARGIN or PROFIT – to the local community. . . . you stop and think about it. It’ll sink in sooner or later.

    Not sure what those links in #70 and #71 have to do with the economic ADVANTAGE you’re attempting to prove . . but, they’re interesting articles.

  15. ballpark in Fremont, when was that proposed five years ago, If I hear anymore whining about the ballpark I am going to PUKE

  16. I have had a interesting experience. I had called the Oakland Argus requesting a subscription to the San Jose Mercury. BANG said no, it is not done. I said ok and down the road I cancelled my subscription to the Oakland Argus.
    Within a week I got a call from the Contra Costa times and the San Jose Mercury. I, of course chose the Mercury which is what I wanted in the first place.
    This is no reflection on Chris’s ability as a reporter, BANG has loaded him up with so much stuff, I do not see how He gets it all done.
    I will still follow his articles on the TCB….
    Just thought you might be interested!

  17. Jasper,

    Another option is to subscribe to the Argus online.

  18. #75 –

    I’m a heckuva lot less forgiving than you are with regard to the “workload” excuse, Jasper. Frankly – I ain’t buyin’ it at all. . . . .

    The article that ran today was a great example of why the “I’m too busy” doesn’t hold water.

    To be sure – – it was a wonderful review of the Flo’, it’s history, ambiance, and does a nice job of giving a lot of people a reason to check the place out . . . . as was the article Chris wrote up about the Newark watering hole (sorry – I forget the name at the moment).

    BUT – and, here’s the point, Jasper – the problem is NOT that we have too much to do, the problem is that we allocate resource to lower priorities.

    Somebody made a decision to run not one, but TWO local color articles. Which begs the question – – – was a review of two local watering holes the best use of Chris’s limited time?

    To my sensibilities, local interest should be subordinate to actions by government, for example. Media should, at all times, be the local watchdog of the political processes – FIRST – – and entertainer/promoter of business interests somewhere down the list.

    I would have loved to see 1/2 the space and time Chris invested to either one of these local “color” stories, allocated to, for example, the goals and expectations of Anu’s upcoming trip to India. . . . and/or what Fremont has realized in the way of benefits from her past International travels. . . .or, how about BOTH???

    Mind you, this is just one suggestion.

    There’s a list of issues and topics, each, of considerably greater significance to the broader community of Fremont than either of these two, very well written and entertaining, “color” articles.

  19. Dan # 76.
    The Argus online or delivered is not a good newspaper for Fremont. It is a good paper for Oakland. The Argus is a thinly disguised version of the Oakland Tribune.

    There is very little news about Fremont.

    I am very happy about getting the San Jose Mercury, I spent close to 35 years working in Menlo Park, so I am more comfortable with the South bay then Oakland.

    I have lived here since 1957 and I have only been to Oakland about 6 times and 4 of those times was to a restaurant at Jack London Square or Yoshi’s

    Bbox,#77, Give Chris a call and have him describe his work load. BANG has now assigned Him Pleasanton, along with his duties in Newark, Fremont, Union City and now Pleasanton . Given His marching orders from BANG, He is very busy.
    Give him a call, He is a good guy

  20. #78 –

    I have no doubts that Chris is a great guy.
    My point has nothing to do with Chris’ personality.

    I also bet he has a helluva workload.
    My point is NOT that he does not have a whole bunch to do.

    It’s a question of, when he DOES have time to author local coverage, what is he choosing (or instructed) to cover.

    There’s a choice that’s made and it currently favors (what I consider to be “color” or “fluff”) as opposed to topics which carry greater significance to our community.

  21. OH CRAP. . . . there you go, dumass …….

    There’s that common sense thing again… Quick – let’s move on.

    Bill and Anu and Susie don’t want anyone thinking about anything of substance . . and CHris isn’t going to upset that little apple cart.

    Better to stay focused on feelings and mushy feel-good stuff and personality . . . . you know, stuff that doesn’t matter, stuff that fills the paper but has no relevancy come November . . . . Hey Chris – – – – how about a nice article about the Applebee’s menu next week ??!!!!!

  22. Bbox #80,
    I think you need to talk to the BANG Editors, I agree, the Argus ignores local Politics. I think that is a BANG policy, not Chris’s.
    I have emailed The local editor about the lack of political coverage and I got a boiler plated answer, “oh we are working on that”
    Bbox, I think you are expecting real reporting from the Oakland Argus Shopper, yes, it is just a throwaway shopper.
    I am a fan of Patch, although not perfect, they have a lot of local news stories, more then the Oakland Argus Shopper.

  23. #81, you know the Patch staff was just gutted last week, right?

    I estimate from the volume of content from some individual commenters to this blog alone, that if there was the will to do so, they definitely have the time to start an investigative blog that researches and reports on these under-reported issues.

    Furthermore, one of these commentors knows the “difference between REVENUE and MARGIN or PROFIT”, so the chance of it being a sustainable endeavor is very good.

    All it takes is a wordpress account.

  24. #66 – Charlie cites an article about a study sponsored by the LA Chamber of Commerce and the LA Sports Council. The Chairman of both of these groups is Alan Rothenberg. What do you know? Rothenberg has also been an owner of professional soccer teams. He is hardly an objective researcher.

    This is typical. Sports teams or their owners tout huge potential economic benefits of sports teams in order to get cities to fork over hundreds of millions of PUBLIC dollars to fund something that THEIR business will directly benefit from.

    As we’ve pointed out ad nauseum, there’s ample evidence that many of these deals don’t work out well for the host cities. Even Marty admits this (1/29/2010):

    “I can accept that a stadium is a risky proposition that can be a financial drain if not done right, but does anybody really think that this lot will be developed in our lifetime without a stadium? Vinnie’s pipe dream of manufacturing jobs coming to Grimmer and Fremont is based more in fantasy than the most optimistic stadium proponent.”

    (BTW, there are now over 3,000 manufacturing jobs, green ones at that, now at Grimmer and Fremont.)

    Don’t just take Marty’s word for it, an OBJECTIVE analysis from one of the experts in the field tells it like it is:


    He notes how some cities are facing dire financial situations while still paying off sports teams, as we recently saw in Oakland. One needs to consider that the money used to lure sports teams is money that can’t be spent on things like police, fire, parks, and street maintenance.

    ” ‘Indianapolis might be a great place to visit, but it should be a better place to live,’ says Pat Andrews, a longtime Indianapolis community activist and blogger who has closely followed the Pacers deal. In addition to cuts to parks, transit and other services, she notes, the city police force has stopped recruiting new officers because of budget cuts, and murders have risen dramatically this year. ‘The basic services of the city are suffering at the same time the Simons and [Colts owner Jim] Irsay are making out like bandits.’ “

  25. #84

    Well researched.
    Multiple examples.



  26. #84 Good Data, Vinnie Bacon has given us the facts without all the name calling, innuendoes. I appreciate good data

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