Housing development near Fremont’s St. Joseph’s Cemetery area again stirs controversy, rumor

ICYMI: A story that ran in Sunday’s paper:

FREMONT — Plans to build houses next to a Mission San Jose district cemetery were approved three years ago, but the recent sight of bulldozers clearing land for the project resurrected an old turf battle and unleashed alarming rumors about the tombstones’ future.

But, like many a ghost story, much of the rumors have yet to be proven true.

Edenbridge Homes, a Los Altos developer, plans to construct 16 single-family residences by the end of next year on a 3.2-acre property next to St. Joseph’s Cemetery, along Mission Boulevard. The sloping parcel next to the cemetery offers views of San Francisco Bay and Peninsula cities to the west and the Fremont hills to the east.

The parcel once was the home to 251 unmarked graves that were relocated six years ago and some neighbors say they are unhappy that houses will be built on former grave sites.

Joe Lonsdale, who lives next to the cemetery and opposed the project three years ago, said the church should not have built over land that once housed unmarked graves. “I don’t think you should dig up bodies. The church shouldn’t do that,” he said. “To me, that’s a cemetery.”

But to city officials, it’s an issue that was decided three years ago, when the Planning Commission and City Council rejected a recommendation from Fremont’s Historical Architectural Review Board, and approved the development.

“The developer received all the approvals necessary to build a subdivision for developing 16 homes back in 2010,” said Clifford Nguyen, a Fremont associate planner.

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Chris DeBenedetti


  1. Good Grief DeBenedetti! Did it ever cross your mind to ask the question that anyone who might read your story would want to know the answer to and would ponder why you didn’t ask?
    What did they do with the bodies that you informed us were exhumed three years ago?

    The permits to build were approved long ago, so other than some disgruntled neighbors there isn’t much of a story here.

    Unless, of course, one of the tractors unearths some old bones in a wedding dress!

  2. Don’t ya know…If you simply don’t let these developer/ghouls contribute to your political campaign Fremont will be saved from becoming a major league city. Sad but true!

  3. Joe Lonsdale wants to keep access to his big back yard. Simple as that.

  4. When it comes to Developing property, nothing is sacred to Developers.
    Where are you going to be buried?????

    I am not taking up any space, once I am gone, I will be cremated and my ashes scattered to the winds

  5. Jasper, that will be a beautiful thing once it finally happens. Make sure your survivors get the appropriate permits and notify the EPA withing 30 days if done by sea.

  6. #4. – Might be “Simple as that…” – IF that’s all there was.

    But, of course, Jon isn’t the sole objecting voice in this debate, and, so – it’s NOT as “simple as that”.

    I wonder, for example, what kind of self-serving motives Marty would speculate caused Kristi Wilson to object to this development?

    Or, having marginalized Jon and Kristi’s interests in their community – what about Lisa Ussery . . . and Theresa Gonzales . . . and Jim Harper. . . . and . . . .

  7. With respect to #5, I decided to do something useful with my body once I no long need it. I made arrangements to donate my body to the Willed Body Program at the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine. It was very simple to do, and most of it can be done through their website. I decided to do this so that other people can be educated in anatomy, including by dissecting mine in the gross anatomy lab. I got my gross anatomy knowledge by dissecting a donated body in 1972, and I would like to make it easy for other students to get the same hands-on experience. In addition they can use me for any purpose, e.g., making a slide set of my brainstem for first year medical (or other health science)students.

    The advantage for my wife (assuming that I go before she does) is that UCSF takes care of the whole process, and it will pick up a donated body anywhere Northern California. There is enough to do when a spouse dies, and arranging a funeral is just an added burden.

  8. #1 “What did they do with the bodies that you informed us were exhumed three years ago?”….

    Evidently, they joined this blog

  9. #5-
    1. Never,ever take campaign contributions from ghoul/developers.
    2. Tap your ruby slippers together and say “There’s No Place Like Purgatory.”
    3. Bing,bang,boom you’ll be back in Fremont where some folks pretend to *mean bussiness.*

  10. #12 Dead NIMBYs mean business – unfortuately,the $$ is heading to Los Altos

  11. #13 Unfortuately, the live ones will be spending their a lot of $$ at the new 49er stadium in the enlightened city of Santa Clara … and therefor you have to admit Santa Clara *means bussiness!*

  12. #14
    I am glad you reminded me…
    Just returned from Miami and (I swear), with an open mind, I drove by Marlin’s stadium. The blight was incredible. If you put a stadium near a business district – it “could” be different, but they seem to destroy every residential area I have seen…
    Sorry Charlie.

    -Jack Friday

  13. #15, 16 &17-
    Did ya ever hear of a place known as AT&T Park? If you haven’t AT&T Park gentrified a shaky neighborhood and has become an economic bonanza to its city. You naysayers don’t want to understand that professional sports teams are economic catalysts that bring jobs, development and civic pride to their communities. Sad how you contend it’s a good thing that a vocal minority in Fremont was able to stop the ghoul/developers from bringing more commercial, retail, and residential spaces into Fremont. It appears that what you mean when you say you *mean business*!

  14. “… AT&T Park gentrified a shaky neighborhood”

    (I can’t believe I am doing this) The neighborhood that Pac Bell “gentrified” was so horrible, Clint Eastwood used to use it in the ghetto scenes for the Dirty Harry series; I believe John Landau launched a car off the “freeway that went nowhere” blocks away… (I’m too tired to check).
    It was a sh#t-hole.

    Do you really see Warm Springs the same way? I can’t blame those people for saying hell no.
    Seek to understand before you are understood – what if they tore down your train station and plugged 45000 seats there?
    You’d drop your guitar and start screaming…

    Kisses and good night CC.

  15. SOMA was on a roll LOOONG before AT&T was a twinkle. . . . run down and vacant industrial buildings were charging some of the most outrageous per sq ft rates for office space found anywhere in the Bay Area during the run-up of the dot com. AT&T was an also-ran in that history.

    Do your freakin’ homework before you engage mouth.

    But – let’s say that a few very fortunate cities DO turn out something nice. While the vast majority are shit holes that no one wants to live next to, let’s just say a few are aok neighbors.

    You wanna convince me that OUR city council could be one of those lucky ones?

    MWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA – – – COME ONE CHARLIE !!! we can’t figure out how to get traction on Centerville. We’ve been re-renegotiated into accepting (in 15years) MAYBE a toxic waste dumping ground instead of the lake we were originally promised to have delivered around now . . . . but YOU want to convince me that this same tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum show could have kept WOlf & co in check??

    Nice try Charlie.

    Have another drink.

    You remain completely out of touch with any semblance of reality and continue to present ZERO, ZILCH, ZIP SQUAT in the way of rational logic with which to back up ANY of your claims.

    Sorry Charlie.

  16. #20 Yes…I do see Warm Springs being a much better place than it is now if you naysayers had just done what have been best for the most. Fremont is forever doomed! I hope you are really happy with all the the genius kids you’re turning out there in the strip malls! Is this what you really mean when you say you *mean business*?

  17. Nah – we’re not doomed.

    Fortunately the political tide has finally turned in a new direction.

    Against the historical grain.

    A grain full of knots and worm holes that you and the rest of the political legacy helped to create.

    But, despite the fact that Fremont doesn’t have a stadium – it IS a whole NEW BALL GAME!!!

    PLAY BALL!!!!!

  18. #26-
    …or do you mean political tide hasin fact turned for the worse. It is clear your side LIES about *meaning bussiness* when in fact they were really *killing bussiness*. Time for you to stop tying to wash the blood off your hands dude, because you can’t. Check & mate!!!

  19. #24 – ALl you gotta do is read Charlie – something which you obviously don’t do – either in support of your ideas or to detract from the ideas of your opponents.

    I continue to be amazed at how much data you COULD be offering – and don’t.

    WHy is that?

    THe answer is the that you believe anecdote and B.S. sells.

    Unfortunately for you and Bill and Anu and Susan – while this non-thinking version of social politicking has been the basis of a legacy of Fremont political candidacy for many decades . . . that paradigm is changing. A faction of thinking and critical reasoning constituency has emerged. . . and they are paying attention to what’s going on, not what’s being said.

    Your “check & mate” is *feels* good, doesn’t it – and, it’s probably something Bill H would have loved to included in one of his many flyers – but, at the end of the day, it’s meaningless, not backed by any ounce of reality, especially our most recent council elections.

    Get help – read.

  20. Charlie C,
    We have shown you data, lots of it. Show your Data, facts or be quiet, please. We are getting tired of your tirades. You Tube is not data, Michael…

  21. #25,#26 & #27/Bruce…
    The San Francisco Giants spent years battling naysayers just like you. After several attempts they were able to build the cash cow known as ATT Park. That has turned into a economic bonanza for San Francisco. If Dan-O, Box & Bruce lived in San Francisco, these naysayers most likely would have opposed building this jewel…and would have been wrong as usual. Good to see that the soon to be major league city of Santa Clara is also building a jewel of a stadium and didn’t cave to the usual suspects who pretend to *mean bussiness* by opposing what is best for their communities!

  22. ….yawn…

    Talk about a tired saw.

    That “crown jewel” phrase has really made the rounds with Anu, Bill and Charlie.

    These guys really don’t listen to themselves, do they?

  23. #29-
    All the data you and the other usual suspect have accumulated must have confirmed half the U.S. population lives in one of the 38 metro areas that host one or more teams from the four major professional sports leagues…so I guess you saying in these 38 metro areas a bunch of dumb asses are screwing over their communities? Good thing for us a vocal minority in our city killed an opportunity to get a cash cow professional sports franchise because in Fremont we pretend to*mean business*!

  24. Yours has been a wonderful testimony to the ignorance of those who support these things and our incumbent council.

    Keep swinging, Charlie.

  25. Charlie,
    Where is the data. Not every city is San Francisco. There was no or very little opposition the AT&T, but what are they going to do with Candlestick??? It will become a burden to tax payers!

  26. #32
    You are having a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.

    Give up.

    I’m done – if he wants to talk about trains or Niles or banjos or whatever….I’m back but until then…..I’m done.

  27. #31, #32/Bruce & #33
    One down two to go…The demonize a developer crowd has once again reared its ugly head. These are the very same people who profess to *mean business* by chasing billions of $$$ and jobs the hell out of Fremont. Santa Clara has sucessfully beaten back these self important nobodies and will soon have a cash cow jewel of a stadium that will be a benifit to all the people of Santa Clara. Meanwhile back in Fremont the vocal minority has elected one of it’s own who pretends to *mean business* to the city council. Santa Clara is becoming a major leauge city at the very same time the sky is falling in Fremont

  28. Developers . . . like the ones that have bailed on us over and over and over in Centerville.

    No “demons” – just people doing business. Permitted to dig into the Fremont coffers, and return NOTHING. And a city council that has helped them to do so…..

    Oakland has a stadium.

    Oakland is nearly broke.

    Oakland will continue to pay for their stadium long after Lou finds another sucker to dance with . . . for the moment.

    (league . . .)

  29. #36…Boxie appears to be running out of gas.
    (mean business . . .)

  30. #36 – #36

    #36 – # 3 6

    #36 – #36 ……….

    Too freakin’ funny !!

  31. Where the hell did they put the bodies?

    It’s not a complicated question.

    the ones not accounted for in #10

  32. #36 – Not running out of gas (OR business).

    Bill and Anu and Susie do a good job of making sure we never run out . . .

    We have Center-Bill – the plan we keep paying for and never get anything for.

    Now we have the Dumb Bartering Quarry. . . the hole in the ground that was supposed to be filled by now but maybe someday will be with something . . . maybe . . . 15 years from now.

    There’s the Iron gift-Horse Lane givewaway – where private citizens get their private property re-vamped by the rest of Fremont taxpayers.

    Nope – no worry about running out of gas, Charlie.
    The list of Fremont debacles is like the Eveready bunny, they just keep goin’ and goin’ and goin’ . . . . .

  33. Bacon mean business would be too freakin’ funny if wasn’t such a freakin’’ lie…sad but true. Check & mate!!!

  34. You are so right, Charlie.

    We all can thank Vinnie for the RESULTS realized since he took office –

    “Tourism, consumer spending, housing and business investment are all improving strongly,” Levine said.

    The Bay Area’s job gains in June were the second biggest monthly gains for the region this year. So far in 2013, the Bay Area has added nearly 22,000 jobs.”

    Thank you, thank you, Vinnie ! ! ! ! !


  35. ….don’t want to pile on here but I think that Jasper brings up a great point (on the pther post). I would like to take it further….

    Charlie: how man people have you employeed in your life?

    I would love to compare notes on that.

  36. #2 For lack of a better or any other answer, I’m inclined to think your serious.

  37. With respect to the idea that AT&T Park is responsible for the gentrification of the neighborhood: Wrong!

    The University of California, San Francisco is the health sciences campus that receives more federal biomedical research funds than any other school. It’s original campus is at Parnassus Heights in the inner Sunset. An additional much larger campus has been under construction for many years. The Mission Bay campus is south of baseball park. The vast improvement in housing in the area is due to the growing number of workers with high salaries, e.g., physicians, nurses, scientists and other health professionals who work at UCSF.

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