Jimmy Kimmel chimes in on Fremont’s “Pay to Stay” jail program

Late night talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel, has done a comedy bit about Fremont’s new “Pay to Stay” Jail program. For this armchair TV critic, I’ve seen Kimmel do funnier work, but it’s not every day he mentions “Fremont, up in Northern California” on his show. In fact, I bet it’s the first time.

My favorite Kimmel line:  “It’s like Shawshank Redemption meets Travelocity.”

Click here for our story on the program.

Here’s the link to the Kimmel video:

Jimmy Kimmel on Fremont’s Pay to Stay jail program

Chris DeBenedetti

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  1. Charlie or Michael of Niles.
    Did you notice Bbox has used DATA. Please use DATA not your emotional rants, which we all are getting sick of.

    a plural of datum.

    ( used with a plural verb ) individual facts, statistics, or items of information: These data represent the results of our analyses. Data are entered by terminal for immediate processing by the computer.

    ( used with a singular verb ) a body of facts; information: Additional data is available from the president of the firm.

    I can think of a lot of things Bacon has done for the community of Fremont. Michael please name one thing you have done for your community.

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