Harrison discusses Fremont’s lessons learned from Solyndra debacle

Fremont Mayor Bill Harrison penned a guest column published on Pandodaily.com, a Silicon Valley news website. Here’s an excerpt:

As a Fremont, California, Councilmember (and a CPA), I remember seeing the message flash across my computer screen: Solyndra employees were being escorted into the parking lot. The company, which just months earlier had opened a gleaming, massive factory in our city to build its cylindrical solar tubes was experiencing a total eclipse from which it would never recover.

But Fremont did. In fact, almost two years later, the logo of disk drive maker Seagate Technologies has finally replaced the disgraced Solyndra sign.

For more of the column, click here.


Chris DeBenedetti

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  1. When it comes to the subject of debacles and things not working out as planned, I’m sure that Bill would qualify as an expert witness.

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