Fremont launches new website, blog to promote its Silicon Valley chops

Fremont long has sought to market itself as a Silicon Valley player, going out of its way to shape the perception — nationally and locally — that it has more in common with Santa Clara County and the Peninsula than the rest of Alameda County. This new website and blog is another salvo fired in the city’s marketing war. Here’s today’s press release announcing it all:

Fremont Continues to Rethink City Government with Launch of New Digital Property

Website and Blog Reflect Fremont’s Business Vision

FREMONT, Calif. – August 7, 2013 – Today, the City of Fremont has launched a new website dedicated to Fremont’s business stakeholders. The new site,www.thinkSiliconValley.com, and blog, Takes from Silicon Valley East, offer a platform for real estate brokers, investors, developers, entrepreneurs, and the community at large to share points-of-view and engage in discussion.

Fremont strives to take a high-touch approach in attracting new business. Yet, the typical city government website must be all things to all people, which makes it difficult to tailor communications. The City chose to create this new digital property to better serve business needs.

It’s no coincidence that the website’s URL includes the “Silicon Valley” designation. “Many still perceive Fremont sitting on the edge of Silicon Valley,” said Kelly Kline, economic development director for the City. “We want to share with the world that Fremont is a vibrant part of the Silicon Valley ecosystem.”

According to the Silicon Valley Index, the Silicon Valley region is defined as covering Santa Clara County, San Mateo County, plus adjacent parts of Alameda and Santa Cruz Counties, which include Fremont, Newark, Union City and Scotts Valley.

“The old-world view that limits Silicon Valley to the San Francisco Bay peninsula is not today’s reality,” said Kline.

Fremont has evolved into a manufacturing hub, boasting more than 110 industrial businesses, including 30 working in clean technologies. Since the dark days of the recession, the City has made a remarkable comeback – attracting new businesses to its 40 million square feet of space and positioning itself to be a hotbed of innovation.

To learn more, please visit the new digital property at www.thinkSiliconValley.com.

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Here’s a photo that accompanied the press release, showing how Fremont would like the global business community to imagine the Bay Area’s borderlines:

fremont_silicon valley

Chris DeBenedetti