Fremont’s “How to Start a Business Guide”

Submitted by the city of Fremont:

Fremont offers a business-friendly environment and actively supports the development of a strong, diverse, and vibrant business community. City staff provides assistance to locate and grow your business in Fremont, and markets the city as a quality place in which to live and do business.

The City’s Office of Economic Development sponsors and supports a variety of workshops to help Fremont businesses expand. In addition, the Department also works with state and regional organizations to strengthen Fremont’s position in the global economy.

If you are thinking about starting a business in Fremont, be sure to check out the City’s “How to Start a Business Guide.” The booklet provides the necessary steps and includes a helpful checklist to get you started. Visit www.Fremont.gov/StartaBusiness to view the guide.

For more information about your business needs, contact the City’s Office of Economic Development at (510) 284-4020 or econdev@fremont.gov.

Chris DeBenedetti

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