Fremont PD looking for suspect in recent hit & run near Warm Springs district, victim in critical condition

An announcement from the Fremont police:

On 08/08/13 at 5:42 AM, a 56 year old male was struck by a black or dark colored Toyota Camry while he was riding his bike in the s/b bike lane of Fremont Blvd, south of Old Warm Springs Blvd. The bicyclist suffered a major head injury, broken ribs and several abrasions. The Victim is still unconscious and in critical condition.

The suspect Toyota Camry has not been located and the driver of the suspect vehicle is unknown.  The below pictured Toyota Camry is similar to the suspect’s vehicle.  The year of the Camry is 1992 to 1996 and the suspect vehicle has damage to the right front bumper area.

If you have any information concerning this collision please contact Traffic Officer A. Zambonin #2528 or the Fremont Police Department Traffic Division.

Ofc A. Zambonin #2528

(W) 510 790-6800

(C) 510 520-3631


Chris DeBenedetti


  1. This is tragic. I have seen some egregious driving around the city lately that makes me reconsider ever riding in the bike lane again. A few honorable mentions:

    One dark red Acura SUV with two “baby on board” signs who frequents Paseo Padre, accelerating like it’s a drag race, ending up over double the limit while weaving in and out of lanes (incl the bike lane). CPS should be called on this obviously irrational person. He should be glad someone else cares about the safety of his “babies”. He sure can care less.

    One older VW Passat in dark blue driven by tempestuous idiot who uses Niles Blvd in old town as his short cut, tailing every car in his way.

    Ditto for a black Prius with a large white sticker in the back driven by a younger male.

    And there’s the H2 Hummer driven by ‘arrogant guy’ who considers other drivers on Decodo Rd to be irritating obstacles.

    If any of these are your neighbors, give them a pat on the back for being grade A menaces.

  2. Riding a bike in the bike lane is very dangerous. People driving in cars are aloof to bicyclist.
    Has there ever been a ticket written for violating the bike lane, I do not think so.
    It is to dangerous to ride a bike on city streets, bike lane or no bike lane.
    I have solved the problem for my grandkids and great grand kids.
    We ride the Alameda Creek trail, starting at Mission Blvd. To Coyote Hills Park, approximately 12.5 miles.
    The path is paved and the scenery is beautiful….
    It is somewhat of a pain to load up the bikes in my truck….

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