Save the Bay’s mailer on Newark’s Area 4

Dan Ondrasek posted this in a different thread. I thought I’d bring it up to the top in its own thread, so others don’t miss it. (Hope you don’t mind, Dan.)

Here’s the rest of the press release from Save the Bay:

“The City of Newark plans to fill in one of the largest tracts of restorable, undeveloped baylands in the South Bay to make room for 500 houses and an 18-hole golf course. But you can help stop this project before it’s too late.

The Bay has already lost 90% of its wetlands. We can’t afford to lose more.

Newark’s “Area 4,” as it’s known, is located along the Bay shoreline near Fremont. It’s a massive swathe of open space that lies within the expansion boundaries of the Don Edwards San Francisco National Wildlife Refuge. Area 4 is home to approximately a dozen threatened or endangered species, including the endangered salt marsh harvest mouse. And it is directly adjacent to Mowry Slough, a primary breeding ground for San Francisco Bay harbor seals.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife calls the area “critically important to waterfowl and shorebirds which migrate to San Francisco Bay.” The Baylands Habitat Goals Project identified the area as uniquely suited for tidal marsh restoration that is critical to the health of the Bay.

Newark has a choice: Will it go down in history as the city that put a golf course on restorable habitat and built 500 homes at risk of flooding? Or will it be the city that worked to expand one of the most important urban wildlife refuges in the country?

Please TAKE ACTION and tell the City of Newark to protect the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge!

If Newark approves this plan, we could see 2.1 million cubic yards of fill dumped onto rare and restorable wetlands. That’s enough dirt to fill nearly 100 trucks a day for two years. We’ll also lose critical wildlife habitat and expose the Bay to even more runoff pollution from this urbanized area.

Won’t you please take action today? Tell Newark that the days of filling the Bay are over. The city should focus future growth within already developed areas—near transit, shops and services—not on ecologically-sensitive, restorable baylands.”

Chris DeBenedetti


  1. Thank you Chris, a excellent article. I wonder who cares? as far as politicians who are suppose to represents us?

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