The Return of New Posts

Hi all,

I’ve been a bit under the weather lately and obviously not as active in posting new stories/items as I would have liked. I’m feeling better now. And more frequent posts will be coming. Thanks for your patience.

Chris DeBenedetti


  1. Good to hear. Becoming an eWasteland lately. I’d thought you’d left us for dead. Hope you feel better and we’ll cut you a break…for a day.or so :-]

  2. Couldn’t find a good heading under which to post this one – so, seemed like Chris’s “new posts will be forthcoming” was as good a place as any . . . .

    Here’s the announced rezoning for two existing Irvington small business areas.


    Obviously, current property owners are razzle dazzled by the value of their land IF it can be rezoned from current commercial designation to some kluge “mixed use” designation.

    More cookie cutter tenements in the offing. More stacks of duplos in earth tones.

    And, someone please tell me where is that “small business” advocate of ours in all of this??? You remember – the one we hired and announced as recently as September –


    Conolly’s and Kelly Moore and Conklin et al are SMALL BUSINESSES – – – for the long haul.

    A Starbucks and dry cleaner on the bottom floor of some 3-story tenement complex doesn’t come close to requiring the same kind of employment, nor doing the same volume of business. . . .

    COME ON – pony up, our “small business” advocate should be jumping up and down in favor of the current commercial zoning. . .

    Meanwhile, the same council members who travelled half-way around the world in search of “new business” will (likely) vote in favor of throwing the existing jobs, businesses, and revenue streams under the proverbial bus.

    Anu, Vinnie – IT’S RIGHT HERE – IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD!!!!! **THESE** are the decisions and actions that are testimony to your seriousness about protecting jobs and bringing business to Fremont.

  3. Bbox, I agree if Connolly’s is making any money but if not, then the third or fourth generation of Connolly’s can do whatever they want. Connolly’s has been there for over 60 years, that is where my parents brought there furniture in 1956. It is damn near impossible to compete with the Big Box Stores.

  4. Right you are, Bill – so, maybe it’s another business-person’s reason (and opportunity) to step in and take a swing at the bat. If Conklin wants out – let ’em sell. Maybe – for all the reasons you’re making, they sell just a tad bit lower in the market which creates an opportunity for another businessman or woman.
    The point isn’t to get in the way of the natural evolution of business – the point is, by rezoning these things from current commercial to mixed use (or – worse -residential) – that’s EXACTLY what you’re doing – getting in the way of FUTURE SMALL BUSINESSES! The rezoning wont permit anything close to the current business usage density BY ANYONE.
    The point is, you’re probably going to do more with this singular rezoning decision in the direction of ELIMINATING jobs and small business from the face of our community than a dozen boondoggles to India will ever make up for!
    But – keep tellin’ folks that you’re interested in protecting jobs and bringing business to our community – I’m certain someone, somewhere, will buy into it.

  5. Bbox
    Do you think they may want to limit development in the Fremont Districts to encourage growth in the NEW Downtown.
    Just a thought!!!

  6. I would feel good if i thought there was any concious plan. Instead i think the evidence suggests that we wander from deal to deal. If there is a plan to centralize business its flawed. Any municipality which encompasses the same area as ours and which has a comparable population ends up with multiple business districts.

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