Fremont considers installing surveillance cameras on streetlights and city buildings

Who’s going to this meeting tonight? …

FREMONT — Saying they want to prevent crime and catch criminals, police are asking the City Council to consider installing surveillance cameras in “low- to moderate-income areas” of the city.

The cameras are a response to requests from residents for more surveillance to combat a rise in home burglaries, said Lt. John Liu, who is heading up the effort. A Community Development Block Grant — the federal housing money that would fund the camera system — requires that they be placed in low-income areas, he said.

“It’s not the program’s intent to focus on any one type of resident,” Liu said. “This is part of a larger project, and our intent is place these cameras around the entire city, eventually.”

Grant money totaling $161,375 will go toward the purchase of up to 20 digital video cameras, which would be mounted on Fremont streetlights and public buildings. The surveillance camera system’s startup costs will cost about $450,000 and police will have to find additional funds to pay for it, Liu said.

Police said use of the cameras will follow federal law by capturing images of motorists and vehicles on roadways, but not private property.

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Chris DeBenedetti

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  1. NO NO NO What the Hell is going on. Last minute notice so the Fremont City Council can sneak this through, Who are our City Councilmember to do this. Contact the Fremont City Council with a resounding NO,
    I am not willing to give up my right to privacy for a few burglaries and a few paranoid citizens.

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