Fremont: Road-rage shooting injures Pleasanton man

More than a little scary that you can be “driving too slow” in one second and get shot in another.

Story by Erin Ivie and Rick Hurd

FREMONT — A man and his dog survived a road-rage shooting Thursday morning when the two crossed paths with an armed motorist who shot the 59-year-old Pleasanton man after a heated exchange on Interstate 680 in Fremont.

The injured man, who told officers he may have been driving too slow for the suspect’s liking, was rushed into surgery after being shot at least once in the upper torso, Fremont police spokeswoman Geneva Bosques said. His injuries were described as “serious” but not life-threatening.

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Chris DeBenedetti


  1. Chris, igoogle is closing soon and I have tri city beat on my Igoogle page.My new home page will be
    Does bang have a app for Tri City Beat for my new start page????? anyone?

  2. It’s obstruction whether intentional or not. . . . . . sucks though. . . those were two phenomenal throws!
    Boston strong. . . .

  3. …and was it not deliberate wrong headed obstruction that enabled the vocal minority to prevent major leauge baseball from coming to Fremont in 2014?

  4. As “wrong headed” as the vocal minority (1) that feels a need to yammer on about this long-dead issue. . . .
    Give it up would ya?
    You’re an obvious embarrassment to the legacies of Wasserman, Harrison, Natarajan and the rest who supported, worked hard to develop, and ultimately failed – to make this proposal into a reality.

  5. This *long-dead* issue will never die…You, Vinnie and the vocal minority are the big winners. What was in the best interest of Fremont took it in the shorts.

  6. the “vocal minority” was at least > 1
    And – you’re wrong – AGAIN, Charlie.
    This issue, like it’s sole remaining proponent (and like the rest of us) will all die – in time. Some much, much happier and fulfilled than others from what I’ve seen.
    It’s only a matter of time.

  7. Bbox,
    Please quit encouraging him, there is still a few people Charlie (Michael of Niles) has not driven off this board with his constant sniveling over a ball park that will never will happen.
    Please ignore him…..

  8. You just have to go down to the Block to understand what yours and Bacons vision of what *means business* is for Fremont. The field of weeds that could have had a cash cow of a baseball stadium on it is at this point generating a big fat zero…give up Boxie!

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