Fiery Newark residents sway Planning Commission to delay vote on general plan environmental repor

In Thursday’s paper …

NEWARK — A vote to certify the general plan’s final environmental impact report has been pushed back at least two weeks, after a fiery Planning Commission meeting where residents complained the city gave them just a day to review the document.

The draft report was made public Monday and posted on the city’s website, but some residents told the commission on Tuesday they could not access it because the large file kept freezing their computers.

“The public’s ability to provide substantive comments during this public hearing are being thwarted because the documents under review were not provided in a timely fashion,” said Carin High, member of the environmental group Citizens Committee to Complete the Refuge. “I’ve never encountered a situation before where the public is given only one day.”

High was one of 10 residents to address the commissioners, with each speaker calling for the vote to be delayed.

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Chris DeBenedetti