Planning Commission approves Newark General Plan, council to vote on Dec. 12

I got back yesterday from a 10-day vacation — Nov. 2 to Nov. 11.  It was sorely needed.

My first day back ended around 9:15 p.m. Tuesday in the Newark City Council chambers. That’s where the Newark Planning Commission voted to recommend approval for the General Plan Update, even after eight residents spoke in opposition to the Updated Plan, the Area 4 development proposal  and other development projects therein.

The Planning Commission voted unanimously 6-0 to recommend the plan for approval.

The commission’s vote on the issue had been continued (in other words, postponed) in meetings throughout October, as local residents, environmental groups and regional agencies voiced their opposition, especially to the housing and mixed-use projects planned in Areas 3 and 4. That opposition was noted in an Argus story filed Oct. 30.

The City Council will vote on General Plan Update at a meeting scheduled Dec. 12.



Chris DeBenedetti