Consultant: ‘Washington Hospital’s CEO is underpaid at $813,916’

Thanks, bbox, for the suggestion and reminder to post Ashly McGlone’s stories on Washington Hospital. Here’s Ashly’s latest:

FREMONT — The CEO of the Washington Township Health Care District, who ranks among the highest-paid government employees in the state, is underpaid at $813,916, a consultant told the public agency’s board of directors Wednesday.

CEO Nancy Farber’s total cash compensation this year isn’t competitive when compared to her national and local peer group, and falls $119,000 short of the district’s philosophy to pay the chief executive in the 65th percentile, said consultant Eric Reehl, with Minneapolis-based Integrated Healthcare Strategies.

Further, Reehl said, CEO base pay is expected to rise 3 percent in 2014, as it did in 2013, so the gap will only widen if directors do nothing.

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Chris DeBenedetti