Consultant: ‘Washington Hospital’s CEO is underpaid at $813,916’

Thanks, bbox, for the suggestion and reminder to post Ashly McGlone’s stories on Washington Hospital. Here’s Ashly’s latest:

FREMONT — The CEO of the Washington Township Health Care District, who ranks among the highest-paid government employees in the state, is underpaid at $813,916, a consultant told the public agency’s board of directors Wednesday.

CEO Nancy Farber’s total cash compensation this year isn’t competitive when compared to her national and local peer group, and falls $119,000 short of the district’s philosophy to pay the chief executive in the 65th percentile, said consultant Eric Reehl, with Minneapolis-based Integrated Healthcare Strategies.

Further, Reehl said, CEO base pay is expected to rise 3 percent in 2014, as it did in 2013, so the gap will only widen if directors do nothing.

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Chris DeBenedetti


  1. LMAO, How much was the Consultant paid to say that, that is what they do, right!

  2. Consultant was paid $5k for this years study – reference at the bottom of the original article.
    Salary “studies” are full of opportunity for manipulation . . . which institutions are used as a basis of comparison (which ones you throw out) can swing the eventual results by huge margins. I note that a reference is made to a cost of living adjustment for the Bay Area. . . . once again – there are cost of living adjustments and there are cost of living adjustments – – which you choose to use and which you rationalize away as “irrelevant” is all in the judgment of the consultant. . .
    THe facts speak for themselves.
    2nd highest paid public employee in the state of Ca.
    When compared to other healthcare institutions, The revenue streams produced by WTHS place this institution WAAAAAY down any list of financial responsibility and/or performance. . . .

  3. From todays Argus – Letters to the Editor –

    Farber’s pay package must be reassessed
    I have nothing against Washington Township Health Care District CEO Nancy Farber. However, there is no way that her position and responsibilities demand a total annual compensation of more than $1.15 million.

    Managing Washington Hospital does not merit being paid the second-highest government employee salary in this state. In 2009, this newspaper also published a similar article pointing out her outrageous salary.

    The Washington Hospital Board of Directors has hired consultant Eric Reehl since at least 2008 to analyze the CEO’s pay. If the board of directors does not obtain at least a second opinion on CEO compensation, it will be derelict in its fiscal responsibility.

    A longtime relationship between board members and Farber should not factor into compensation decisions.
    Perhaps a shake-up in the board is needed.

    Gerald Robertson


  4. “In the past fiscal year, he said, Washington had a net loss of nearly $6.5 million . . . .”



    WTHS is L O S I N G money??!

    Isn’t this the institution which is overseen by (one of) the highest compensated public employees in all of California??????

    On one hand we’re told this master mind of public health care business management is amongst the very best California has to offer – so much so that she is amongst the top paid public employees IN OUR ENTIRE STATE – BUT – by the way – we lost $6.5Million last year!


    Thanks to a BoD that uses total revenue (not margin or profit) as a basis for determining Ms. Farbers total comp wonder how much of an increase Farber will receive THIS year. . . . .

    Oh – and thanks to all you Measure Z suckers. . . . . just keep writing them checks.

    And – why isn’t THIS article appearing prominently in the TCB???????
    Can you say “shhhhh”?????

  5. Fremont residents feed this healthcare organization with local taxes. Taxes which most healthcare institutions DON’T enjoy the benefit of. THese other “private” healthcare institutions have to make a go of it purely on their own revenues.

    And, when you start a short list of what Fremont taxpayers receive in return – – there’s not much – – – except one of the highest paid employees in the state who appears to be quite content walking a thin line between transparency and downright secrecy and Board members that see absolutely nothing wrong with avoiding term limits.

    The incestuous running of interference on behalf of one another wouldn’t be such a crime in my book, except that this institution is publically funded.

    I continue to ask the question – what is it that Fremont citizens in return for the taxes they pay?

    Look people – – –

    Patients from outside of Fremont who travel to WTHS receive identical care as you and I. Whether you are a Fremont resident or reside outside of the WTHS tax district, you pay what you pay for your medical coverage. BUT – Fremont residents kick in a little extra sumthin’ . . remember that little Bond Measure “Z” . . . AND FOR WHAT???????? Every Sunday they pass the darn “building fund” plate around looking for handouts and every Sunday I wonder when there’s going to be erected a “Fremont residents only wing” of the Washington hospital.
    Don’t get me wrong, a Fremont residents only wing isn’t right. But – it serves to make the point.

    While it is bad enough that we continue to write our personal contribution to the WTHS institution time and time again, and demand nothing of value in return . .. . . these same managers and Board members are perfectly content to flaunt excessive compensation for their CEO and enjoy managing your “public” institution behind closed doors. You REALLY deserve much, much better. You REALLY deserve to receive SOME modicum of respect for your contributions and benevolence.
    Or – maybe not – – maybe you just like giving away your hard-earned cash and not receiving anything in return except a “mind your own business” from the President of the WTHS Board.


  6. What is it that Fremont citizens in return for the taxes they pay?

    Anu, Vinnie and the rest rest of them go to India for no apparent reason and we the taxpayers foot the bill.

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