‘Save Connolly Shopping Center’ movement is gaining steam

As some here mentioned recently, the grassroots group called “Shape Our Fremont” is working to save the Connolly Shopping Center, which the city is considering rezoning from commercial to residential uses. The 3.7-acre site is at 40744 Fremont Blvd. and 40733 Chapel Way in the Irvington district.

The City Council is scheduled to vote on the item at the Dec. 17 meeting. Stay tuned.

Chris DeBenedetti


  1. Looks like they are going to finally develop that monument to Fremont City Incompetence.
    It is called Artist Walk and it does not look to bad

  2. They can raze that whole block if they want, as long as they leave a notch in the corner for the burger joint. (Is that even possible, or have I watched too many cartoons?)

  3. A”giga factory” for lithium-ion batteries is now what our elected leaders are proposing to put Fremont on the map. Some of our elected officials have just enjoyed a taxpayer paid vacatiion ito destinations east. They still haven’t explained why their *fact finding mission* to India was worth the taxpayer money needed to finance it.

  4. I agree, DO NOT TOUCH that landmark
    Bob’s Burgers, the best, no McDonalds for me, give me a Bobs Cheese Burger or a Giant Cheese Burger.
    Bob’s Burgers has been there since 1957,that I am aware of. How long has Bobs Burgers been at that location???

  5. At virtually the same time that Elon is finalizing a major battery contract with Panasonic, the story emerges that he is considering building his own battery factory.

    All over California folks are debating the merits (or lack of same) of the High Speed Rail. Enter Elon’s Hyperloop “vision”.


    Genuine prospects or negotiating 101?

    Elon’s a smart guy though. In tossing the battery factory “shiny object” into the air, he not only gives Panasonic something to think about, he simultaneously explains to his shareholders that his sales channel is already moderating their promotional efforts so as not to get ahead of their ability to source – – – get this – – batteries.

    Forget that the electrical sources and grid upon which he and his customers rely is already struggling – – – somehow, Elon’s worried about batteries and has the time to figure out an alternative to high speed rail.

    Wouldn’t you think that if you genuinely concerned about things that get between you and sellling more hybrid nuclear/coal/gas/hyrdo powered EV’s – and you had the time to tinker with obscure stuff like mass transportation, wouldn’t your priorities eventually include putting some of that “vision” to work figuring out where California will get many dozens of Gigawatt/hours of electrical energy to run all these things?????
    Of course – THAT’S a REAL problem . . . .

  6. The bullet train, the peripheral canal might cost Gov. Brown his re election. I know of no one that think either is a good idea. The ballot measure look good for the bullet train, but since then it has changed the route through all the town’s in the Valley, Local politicians are buying up all the land where the stations are going to be. It has turned into the golden pot of gold for the valley politicians. It needs to stop…

  7. “Of the council, the most vocal, and in my opinion logical, when confronting this “pruning: effort was Councilmember Bacon. He noted that this project was proposed and approved by Staff without a coherent or contextual plan and was in conflict with the recently approved General Plan. The excuse used by Staff and the developer was that this commercial center is not economically viable and should be approved under the guise of pruning.”


  8. I’ve been trying to warn ya all… most of us prune our shrubs no? Very few do not. Those who don’t eventually really piss off their neighbors no? I hate to say it but… this is just more grist for the mill!

  9. Pretty lame analog, Charlie since the “neighbors” in this instance are other businesses. If anything, the process of “pruning” retail offerings by rezoning reduces the breadth of available services and goods offered within the region which increases the likelihood that patrons (or employees) will choose or need to go elsewhere to conduct their business (or do their jobs).

    And – they’ll travel further in their vehicles to do so.

    Those of you who reside in the “do anything a developer suggests” crowd would like to reduce this to the simplest of arguments (..”grist for the mill..”) with lame and irrelevant analogies ( “..pissing off neighbors..”).

    This is clearly very shallow thinking which is so prevalent in this group.

    For anyone who balances the economic gains of developers and property owners against the qualitative considerations of community planning – it’s clearly a bigger issue than you (and unfortunately our own staff!) would like to suggest.

    Amongst other things, this is a question of whether our staff and council are planning and managing to the realization of a long-range vision (referred to as the General Plan) for our community or are simply reacting to every opportunistic deal that someone throws on the table.

  10. WHAT!!! Has Box drank the Electrical Banana? Trimming shrubbery to keep the neighbors from going postal is not lame. FYI…don’t you know your local political hero believes triming the bushes hurts the vegetation, yet another good example of ( “..shallow thinking..”). Sorry to say your dream of a lithium-ion battery giga factory saving Fremont is all smoke and mirrors.

  11. Notice how difficult it is for this faction to engage the relevant points?

    If I could choose an example of why we should NOT simply roll over for the pro-development crowd thinking – a term a apply very generously in this case – Charles would be a veritable poster child.

    P.S. -Charlie – I know you’ve always been short (!) on recall so, I’ll remind you to take a look thru the archives of this venue for my thoughts as to why the battery factory was just a bargaining chit for Elon. Don’t know where you got the idea that “my” dream was for a battery factory. I have no such delusions and have stated as such.

  12. Two separate but connected points in last weeks’ paper.

    First – Jane Lester weighs in on the impending decision by our Council to re-zone the Connolly parcel(s). –

    Fremont appears to hate businesses

    The city of Fremont hates businesses. I’m writing about the plans to tear down a shopping center in Irvington to build houses. Let’s review the past:

    A dozen years ago, happy, successful businesses by the railroad track in Centerville were torn down to make room for housing. Who wants to live where train whistles blow in your ears all hours of the night? The whistles didn’t bother the businesses.

    Next, they took on the job of running out longtime functioning businesses on Fremont Boulevard and Thorton Avenue to build apartments. For a decade now, we get to see the empty lot across from Dale Hardware. But, let’s face it, our schools are already overcrowded from too many homes and apartments.

    The city officials are overpaid and, with the cost of them playing with these adventures, what is this costing us taxpayers?

    Jane Lester


    Also appearing in this week’s paper was this little tidbit –


    “Motoyoshi said she had originally hoped to shoot the exterior scenes in the Niles District of Fremont, the area Charlie Chaplin once hoped to turn into the “Hollywood of the North,” but could not budget the film permit for the location. Instead, the exterior scenes will be shot at Sunol’s Historic Train Depot.”

    Nice job on the film permits folks.

    I gotta wonder just who the heck we think we are when a local (and admittedly lower budget) filmmaker is priced out of town . . .
    Sad, sad, sad.

  13. I agree, to The cost for permits are outrageously expensive, that is why we have no live bands and dancing in Fremont, the permits are to costly by design, to keep that sort of entertainment out of town.
    I would like to see a comparison of other towns and the cost of there permits.
    It is not that Fremont is trying to make money on the permits, it is designed to keep entertainment out of town…
    Our ex police chief who will be running for political office, is to blame for a lot of it….

  14. Back at you Boxie…Isn’t it true that your *faction* by playing dirty won the war that has prevented Fremont from becoming a big time destination? 2014 could have been the inaugural of Xanadu instead of a pit for the pitiful ones who believe voter apathy means some kind of a mandate. It is a colossal delusion to say your side “means bussiness”.

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