Happy New Year

I’ve been off for about a week for the holidays. This is my first morning back. Hope you all have had a nice holiday month.

Happy New Year to all and I hope 2014 is a great one for you.

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Chris DeBenedetti


  1. Chris, Can you pressure the Washington Township Directors to publish there email address’s. WTH, it is impossible to contact them. They are ELECTED officials, not a exclusive club for members only. As public elected officials they are not easily accessible, and they NOT very transparent, maybe if they were, this latest unethical scandal may not have happened.

  2. Chris, Can you pressure the Washington Township Directors to publish there email address’s. WTH, it is impossible to contact them. They are ELECTED officials, not a exclusive club for members only. As public elected officials they are not easily accessible, and they are NOT very transparent, maybe if they were, this latest unethical scandal may not have happened.

  3. I saw Vinnie B at the top of Mission Peak. I should have told him to quit taking vacations to India on taxpayer money.

  4. I know it might *seem* hilarious…but what VinBac has done to Fremont is not hilarious. Let hope for for sake of duty and humanity he will resign in 2014!

  5. Charlie … love Vinnie Bacon or hate him, he did not go on a vacation to India. In time, we’ll see if the trade mission was worth the expense, but the India trip doesn’t warrant you taking your millionth cheap shot at the guy. Charlie, this will be your last warning.

  6. Chris…I hope you’re intelligent enough to know Vinnie Bacon is very responible for changing Fremont… I say for the worse. As you know Bacon led the opposion to professional sports franchise coming to Fremont and that can not be forgiven.Bacon has been elected by the people Chris and therefor should be game for scrutiny. Go ahead and delete this post. If you do give me a call and we can chat about the first amendment!

  7. https://www.eff.org/issues/bloggers/legal/liability/overview

    The EFF has always been a great place to start when it comes to clarifying online rights and responsibilities. In this instance, I’ll place emphasis on the responsibilities side of the equation.
    Important to remember that the first amendment has never and still doesn’t protect ALL forms of public speech. It’s important (for both sides of the debate) to understand where the lines are drawn. . .
    Except that . . . . .

    None of the aforementioned legal mumbo jumbo means you cant get hauled into court if you’ve upset someones apple cart one too many times. (this IS California after all).

    So, if you’ve got the time, the money, and the energy – California is one of the states which has enacted so-called anti-SLAPP legislation which will work in the favor of those who are frivolously pursued in the legal system in an attempt to shut them up.
    Provided you haven’t over-stepped the boundaries of public safety or personal defamation – or, any number of things you cannot promulgate or misconstrue under the guise of “free speech” , you MAY break even on your direct legal expenses. .. . .unfortunately, most everything else comes out of your personal pocket.
    Find a good attorney and knock yourselves out . . .


  8. Charlie, I respectfully disagree with several parts of your post. First, Bacon did not lead the opposition to the A’s stadium concept in Fremont. Yes, Vinnie was one opponent among several, but I would argue that Gus Morrison led the opposition. Gus was more vocal and visible and active than Bacon or anyone else was in his opposition to the A’s stadium. And, as a former mayor (at the time: 2006-09), who would return as mayor on an interim basis a few year later, Morrison was far more connected to city and regional power brokers than Bacon — who at the time was a City Hall outsider who had lost all previous elections. (I’m not knocking Morrison, by the way. He was asking tough questions, which is what concerned residents, media, etc., should do.)

    But even if I’m wrong, Charlie, is the ballpark your only issue? Aren’t there other issues out there in the past 5 years that have grabbed your attention that don’t involve a fictional stadium? Even if you don’t like a certain politician, if you paint that person as being pure evil, aren’t you giving that person WAY more power than they deserve? Let’s move on. And yes, if you can’t move on, Charlie, your ad hominem attacks on one individual will be deleted.

  9. Careful First-Amendment Boy: slander and libel is not protected speech. Didn’t have a lot of time to recon but as I understand it:

    “Slander is the willful uttering of false and damaging information; libel isthe same act when in writing.”

    This wasn’t a vacation.

    However, your comment was a cheap shot.

    Say what you may about Mr. Bacon but I witnessed his work ethic on many causes that benefitted Fremont. I am sure that you have walked (mumbling your monothematic rantings about the Fremont A’s) on Mission
    Peak (which the base was to be developed ) and/or the Coyote Hills (behind the proposed Patterson development that would have obliterated the view and affected that Park). Vinnie worked to fight both of these follies.

    And he worked hard.

    As stated, we will see what comes of this trip but knowing him, it was not a vacation, but a job that he took very seriously. And before you open your pie-hole again,
    reread the First constitution. My Dad fought several years over in France for the right for you to babble,
    not to

  10. Chris, I respectfully disagree that Vinnie and his little buddy KMac were not the LEADS in killing a Major Leauge franchise coming to what has now become the city of Palookaville. The ballpark was the BIGGEST thing that would of, could of, and should of come to Fremont. Yes, Gus did his part…but not for his own (neener,neener,neener) political gain. I find it odd that Bacon will not take campaign contributions from developers, but has no problem going on a dubious *fact finding* mission to India on the taxpayer dime. By the way, just for kicks you might want to ask Gus what he thinks of Vinnie.

  11. The facts are that Vinnie was a relaitve johnny-come-lately to the stadium opposition. This is ESPECIALLY true if – as Charlie suggests Vinnie *and* Kathy were “leaders” in the suggested conspiracy to undermine the welfare of our community.

    As Chris suggests – Gus Morrison was one of the earliest critics of the stadium. Here’s a link to an article written in November 2007 which confirms this point –


    Those of us (which in 2007 did not include FCN) who were actively opposing this jury-rigged plan will recall that Gus’s concerns were heard even earlier in 2007 but, I wasn’t able to quickly find a referenceable link proving as such.

    Here’s what’s pretty funny – – the FCN web site announces the creation of the Fremont Citizens Network in Late December 2008. Bacon is active in this group in 2009. Both of which are well over a year (two?!) after many of us had begun actively discussing our concerns about the original Catellus location fiasco.

    Bacon makes his first run at the Council in 2008. Bacon and MacDonald make a run for Council in 2010! The Bacon and MacDonald team are a consideration at least two full years after Gus makes his objections known!

    I’m not sure what definition Chuckie ascribes to the term “leader”. But the evidence is clear. Vinnie and FCN joined the opposition to the stadium at least a full year after many of us had been arguing against it. There is no fact-based record upon which you can claim otherwise.

    Opine all you want – – – –

  12. Damn, it never stops, nasty, nasty, nasty. What is obsessive behavior, is it a mental Illness….

  13. Just for the record, I wasn’t that late in getting involved. I was at the first (?) Council meeting on the A’s well before the 2008 election. Someone from the California Native Plant Society and I were the only ones who brought up concerns. The general theme was excitement. All I remember from what I said is that I countered Lew Wolff’s request to fast track the project. I argued that, if anything, we should move slower than normal with a project of this magnitude.

    Your general point is still correct. Gus was writing a lot about this subject early on. I didn’t formally take a position until putting together my campaign website in mid-2008.

    There really wasn’t an organized opposition to the stadium prior to the December 2008 Council meeting where the Warm Springs location was first presented. FCN formed soon after that. In my opinion, the project was already effectively dead at this point. The Pac Commons site was arguably the only feasible proposal that was ever made. When Catellus spoke out against the Pac Commons site at that December 2008 Council meeting, that proposal was over.

  14. I don’t believe this is a first amendment issue at all. While Charlie is protected under the first amendment like all of us, BANG is in no way obligated to provide him a platform from which to post his ideas. This is BANG’s blog and they can set whatever decency standards they want. There are left-wing blogs that censor right-wing comments and vice-versa. There is nothing illegal about that.

    Charlie has shown over the years that all he can contribute to this blog is hateful comments directed towards me. His recent postings critical of the India trip are done simply because some of my supporters (bbox, Bill) were critical of me on this. If he were at all objective about it, he would also criticize Anu for organizing the trip and the rest of the Council for unanimously approving it. Instead, he posts nothing but attacks against me.

    The sad thing here is that we’re actually giving into Charlie’s desires to discuss the ballpark ad infinitum. I have definitely done an adequate job of discussing this issue here and elsewhere. If there is ever any new news on this topic, I’d be happy to discuss it.

  15. Agree with your assessment, Vinnie. My comments were directed at the notion of Vinnie Bacon (and Kathy McD.) as leading the opposition to the stadium. It’s a notion that is flawed according to my recollection and according to the historical record. If http://www.talkfremont.com were still around, I could back this claim up 20 ways from Sunday.

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