Water District might raise rates on Tri-City customers again

FREMONT — For the 12th consecutive year, Tri-City-area residents soon might be asked to dig deeper into their wallets to pay for water, and it likely won’t be the last time.

The Alameda County Water District, which has increased rates each year since 2003, is proposing yet another hike so that it is able to supply “safe, reliable water to 336,000 customers in Fremont, Newark and Union City,” said Walt Wadlow, the agency’s general manager since 2009. “The increases will allow ACWD to offset rising costs, as well as create long-term financial sustainability.”

The Water District’s five-member board will consider the proposal Thursday night. If approved, the average residential customer in 2014 would pay $109.53 every two months, an increase of 7 percent in customers’ bimonthly bills, Wadlow said.

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Chris DeBenedetti

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  1. We are in a record setting drought and what does AWCD do.. write a history of AWCD, for hundreds of thousands of dollars. How dare you do that while we are in the midst of a drought. It is time we looked at who is on the board and there vision of the future.. Hey Guys we are running out of water. The state has cut 40% of our water supply.
    What is your plan?

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