Fremont: Developer reviving $200 million Asian- and European-themed mall that stalled in ’07

Anybody remember when this very same mall idea on Stevenson Boulevard, next to Newark, was on the verge of being built back in 2007? It’s back. Story by colleague George Avalos.

FREMONT — A stalled $200 million retail mall here is being revived by a development group that wants to turn the retail, restaurant and high-rise hotel complex into a shopping and dining magnet for the Bay Area, the realty firm handling the Asian- and European-themed project said Thursday.

The Globe mall in Fremont will eventually total 450,000 square feet of shops, restaurants and cultural spaces, plus a 12-story, 248-room hotel that will have views of San Francisco Bay and be visible from Interstate 880. The mall will consist of a series of “villages,” each a building incorporating themes associated with a certain part of Asia or Europe.

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Chris DeBenedetti


  1. How about reviving the Ballpark Village? You know I’m right!

  2. Fuax News, That explains a lot Charlie. You know it is not news but a Repuglican talking points for the IGNORANT rednecks….

  3. IGNORANT? Not so fast Billy boy. Enough IGNORANT voters (even you perhaps) voted for and helped elect a few of our city council representives… who then went off to India on a taxpayer financed $$$ snipe hunt… that has done NOTHING to benefit Fremont. Members of your City Council have spent taxpayer money inappropriately…your thoughs?

  4. Anu visited her homeland. Vinnie went along. Bill, Sue and Raj raised no objections and set no expectation for results achieved. All are at least as guilty as the other when it comes to squandering Fremont resources and with NO tangible results delivered.

  5. Logic: The art of thinking and
    reasoning in strict accordance with the limitations and incapacities of the
    human misunderstanding.

    -Ambrose Bierce

    Charlie: This is one of if not the worst hypothetical syllogisms
    I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

    Newsflash: it’s over.

    Take a pill.

  6. Dan-O’s definition of logic is … “Bacon means business.” therefor we are most certainly doomed!

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