Some Newark News: NUSD teachers, admins get 5.5% raise

Story by colleague Doug Oakley, who has begun covering Alameda County schools:

Newark teachers and administrators will get a 5.5 percent raise under a new contract signed with the Newark Unified School District, officials said.

The teacher raise is retroactive to July 1 and is good through July 1, 2015, said Assistant Superintendent Tim Irwin. It is the first such raise the 300 teachers in the small school district have received in seven years, he said.

Irwin said management in the school district, including district administrators, school principals, coordinators and managers, also will get a 5.5 percent raise.

Newark teachers start at $57,368 a year and top out at $99,514 with 25 or more years experience, Irwin said.

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Newark teachers, administrators get 5.5 percent raise

Chris DeBenedetti

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  1. Counselor did so many schedule changes now my son is short 1.5 credits and school is refusing to fix it.

    Because of the 504 freshmen year my son had several schedule changes. I went round and round the whole first quarter trying to get him out of a second English support class his counselor said he had to have “based on STAR Test results”.

    At one point he was placed in ROP Introduction to Biotechnology, a class that according to the 2012-2013 course catalog was for 10-12 grade students who completed biology. He was in the class about a month, and had an F. Principal is now saying that because of that no credit can be given. Principal Morales cant not however respond back and tell me HOW my son was placed in that class to begin with.

    Dr Scott, counselor knowingly placed him in an ROP Computer Tech class that is hours based the last week of the first quarter and he was shorted 1.5 credits. Nov. 7 2012 I was told not an issue credit could be pulled from the English support class to cover it. Now Principal Morales says that credit it put towards another class (Ceramics) and he’s still short 1.5 credits.

    How can I get them to correct this mess created by THEM, this isn’t my sons fault. It’s been a year and I’m still going around and around. District office and school board is aware, and say keep me in the loop to get this resolved but nothing is happening.

    Karen Vargas

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