Newark: NewPark owners to revitalize mall with city boost

It’s a Newark kind of week, I guess. In this one, the city is trying to entice NewPark Mall’s owners to spend some money to revitalize it. Will it be worth it?

NEWARK — City leaders tired of seeing stores leave outdated NewPark Mall for shiny, new Pacific Commons in Fremont are fighting back to restore the shopping hub’s luster and regain lost tax revenue, in part by appealing to a taste for films and finer food.

Newark’s first salvo in the shopping center arms race lies in a deal it has struck with Rouse Properties, NewPark’s owner: In return for improvements, the city will for 18 years give Rouse 80 percent of the mall’s annual sales tax revenue above the existing base.

Rouse has agreed to spend at least $40 million on mall upgrades, building upscale restaurants and fancier shopping and entertainment options, and replacing the closed Cinedome theater with at least a 10-screen multiplex.

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Chris DeBenedetti


  1. “…by appealing to a taste for . . . . finer food” AMEN to that one.
    WHy is it that our community is so totally lacking in options in this sector?
    If you’ve been to Pleasanton, Palo Alto, San Mateo, BUrlingame, Redwood City, MOuntain View – or any number of communities that have successfully developed a vibrant food-service scene – you know exactly what is needed.
    Why this obvious hole exists in our community and is so successful in so many others is anybody’s guess.

  2. bbox, The reason Fremont has damned few, good restaurants and almost no live music or dancing, it is by design. The Fremont City Council at the Police Chiefs request has put up may barriers to having that happen. Permits are very expensive. This will be a good question this coming election. Remember the Bean, teen age night club, the police were called there regularly, so the passed some resolutions and up the ante for permits and the result. NO ENTERTAINMENT…. in Fremont

  3. I agree that its an intentional design, bill. Its too big a miss to be anything less.

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