Fremont leaders trying to move 109-year-old building off historic resources list

FREMONT — Where preservationists see a storied 109-year-old building considered one of Fremont’s landmarks, city leaders see an empty, seismically unsafe structure that should be removed from the historic buildings list and sold because it has lost any historical value.

That 5-year-long debate over a small Mission San Jose District building on a quarter-acre lot will continue for the foreseeable future, as Fremont’s Historical Architectural Review Board last week asked city staffers for more information before deciding the issue.

City planners say they might deliver that report in the next month or two to the review board.

David Price, the board’s chairman, noted that fellow board members first asked city staffers for that information five years ago and still are waiting for it.

“I heard more historical analysis in the past 20 minutes than I’ve heard from staff since 2009,” Price said last week.

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Chris DeBenedetti


  1. Please leave our history alone. There has been so many historical buildings destroyed in the name of Strip Malls

  2. Chris D – would like to see your coverage of the FMont City Council challenge to freedom of speech rights (poetic license) from this AM’s issue find its way into the TCB. Good article interesting topic which would make great fodder at next city council candidate debate…..if anyone had the guts.

  3. History will show that Cisco Park would-a, could-a, should-a been Fremont’s Taj Mahal. Unfortunately a cunning “vocal minority” swift-boated it. These cunning folks would now like to plant a lemon orchard where a cash cow could have been built. This cunning and gleeful crowd has fact has screwed Fremont folks and they own it. Do you smell bacon?

  4. B in the sewer-

    “What a moron” must come to mind *WHENEVER* you look at your reflection?

    Wake up and smell the Bacon!

  5. Did you even bother to read the aeticle Charlie? Never mind, we know the answer already. But I’m very certain that Bill, Anu and Fred are proud to count you amongst their loyal supporters. “B in the sewer” ????? Thats the best you’ve got???!??? MWAHAHAHA.

  6. Bbox,
    Is it possible that Fremont City Council Have moved to the right of the Tea Party.
    It is time for a reality check, How many Fremont Council Members were once registered as Repuglicans, but when deciding to run for city council changed there registration to being a Democrat.
    What do they say about a Wolf in Sheeps clothing, is still a Wolf

  7. Exactly, why respond to someone that is obviously mentally challenged…

  8. Never forget that Fremont is a General Law city, Bill. The reality is that Fred Diaz and his staff determine most of what you and I and the rest of Fremont residents care about and see.

    And, from what I see of CC meetings, Fred is almost as bored by this group as I frequently am.

    I think a majority of our council members are not-so-adept mouthpieces who are either hoping for higher political appointment OR who’s egos derive considerable pleasure as a result of an occasional city funded perk OR are just content being recognized from time to time at the local 7-11 checkout.

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