Religious leaders, residents demand leaders make Fremont more affordable

FREMONT — More than 50 religious leaders and residents gathered outside City Hall on Thursday, calling on Fremont leaders to make the city more affordable for working families.

Dozens of people at the hour-long rally waved signs that read, “Affordable housing for Fremont,” “Rent control,” and “Raise the minimum wage.”

Several speakers echoed those sentiments, demanding that City Hall provide more affordable housing, rent controls, job training and a minimum wage increase for residents.

“We’re here to fight for all the people, for the work force of this city,” said Deacon Jorge Lara, of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Fremont. “A lot of money is coming into this city and we have the same rights as the rich people.”

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Chris DeBenedetti


  1. This is a joke, right? In my neighborhood, the newest, nicest 3-bedroom places are all section 8. I would love to live in one of those places, but since I work, I don’t qualify. So the best I can do is a 60-year-old house that will probably fall down in the next earthquake.

  2. I hope these individuals are eligible to vote. And, if they are eligible to vote, I hope the do so – all of them. And, I hope they aggressively encourage their neighbors and friends to vote.

    And when they do vote, I hope they remember who was there to listen to their cause.

  3. Brothers & Sisters…the best way to make Fremont more affordable is to not kill reasonable development for all the wrong reasons. WAKE UP…the ones that have screwed Fremont over (BBox) are still wagging the dog! Fremont needs to elect more reasonable candidates to the city council in the next election who will do what is best for Fremont!

  4. WHat is killing Fremont (and our nation) is lethargy and ignorance by the electorate. Those that are too lazy to go to the polls and vote place power in the hands of those few who do vote.
    A couple of our historic districts are quite content with this outcome and will continue to support the likes of Salwan, Natarajan, Chan and Harrison.
    The rest of you, please keep paying your taxes and stay out of the polls.

  5. Bbox, I call them sheep, ignorace will be our downfall……

  6. Just the thing you would expect from someone that is mentally challenged. Give it up Michael of Niles

  7. I think a lot of people are afraid to vote or don’t think their vote matters.

    But, the greater fear SHOULD be that, by NOT casting a ballot, they place power in the hands of people that think like Charlie does.

  8. Welcome back Bruce.Maybe you and your covetous demonize a developer crowd should erect a tower to the god of Bacon somewhere over there at the niles nursery…then you can go on a taxpayer financed trip to India for no good reason!

  9. You just proved my point, Micheal of Niles
    Just the thing you would expect from someone that is mentally challenged. Give it up Michael of Niles

  10. When you say I’m “mentally challenged” are you in fact saying I am retarded? Then why would you support a hippocratic who has screwed Fremont in a “means business” lie. That is retarded! BRUCE we are all on to you. Give it up peace sign boy!

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