Fremont Citizens Network flier: ’10 reasons to vote NO on Measure E’

Measure E opponents have posted this at www.FremontCitizens.org


10 Reasons to Vote NO on Measure E

1.     The bond is written to make us think that it is ENTIRELY devoted to renovations for existing schools.  However, it contains about $250,000,000 to be used for “over runs and inflation” (~40%).

2.     Coincidentally,  Developers need new schools for new development (more than 3,000 new homes in Fremont).

3.     The bond’s $250,000,000 for “inflation and overruns” could be used to build those new schools.

4.     As Assessed Property Values rise, the Measure E tax will increase year over year through the life of the bond.

5.     Measure E contains $77,000,000+ in Capital Appreciation Bond – akin to a PAYDAY LOAN, discouraged by Jerry Brown (Governor) and Bill Lockyer (State Treasurer) and outlawed in many states.  Repayment of this amount DEPENDS ON the city’s ASSESSED VALUES RISING 4% PER YEAR FOR 38 YEARS.  As Prop 13 puts a 2% cap per year, this growth rate depends on turnover and new developments to make up the difference.  Fremont will be forced to accommodate more growth or make higher payments.

6.     If voters approve Measure E, and renew the parcel tax when it expires, the total property tax (for school bonds) on the average $450,000 (assessed value) home would increase from $191 per year to $479 by 2018.

7.     The bond provides NO SENIOR EXEMPTIONS.

8.     Property owners are still paying for: a parcel tax and two prior voter-approved bond measures from 1991 and 2002.  Measure E would extend payments on district bonds through 2051, but still leaves 3/4 of the identified district needs unaddressed.  There will be more bonds because there is more need.

9.     Measure E bond language is so vague that the District can use our taxpayer $$ to buy land and build schools for all the new developments we will be forced to accept.  The DEVELOPERS should provide the land/facilities for all the students in the developments they build, NOT the taxpayers.  Previous history shows NO BOND should be approved before FUSD has formalized plans on Developers’ promises to mitigate their impact, especially in the new BART development.

10.  Our existing kids will never get new schools, if this bond money is used just to “fix” or buy new land/new schools for the new developments.

Shouldn’t we be spending one-time funds to help current Fremont children by modernizing existing schools and instituting long-term facilities solutions?  VOTE NO ON MEASURE E!

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Chris DeBenedetti