Union City: Save Our Hills scheduled to hold rally Tuesday night at City Hall

Here’s part of a press announcement released by Save Our Hills, the grassroots group that opposes a plan to build housing east of Mission Boulevard near The Masonic Homes in Union City. Here’s the announcement: 

Save Our Hills and the community will speak out against this development and is asking for your support to protect pristine views of our hills for future generations.  We do not have enough open space and agricultural land in the region.

Please join our rally in the front of City Hall Tuesday evening.

Tuesday, June 10th

City Hall

34009 Alvarado-Niles Road

Union City

6:30- 8:00 PM


Chris DeBenedetti

  • Esteemed Poster Marty

    Chris, what requirements does one need if they wanted their cause showcased and promoted in a post to the TCB? Just a website and an assertion that one represents *something* seems to be it.

    My organization called “Save Our Hills From Save Our Hills” is scheduled to have lunch at 1230 pm today. At this lunch, we discuss/rally/protest/muse over the development of topic. Please notify the community of this pressing event.

    Martin Force
    Founder, Save Our Hills From Save Our Hills and aspiring municipal committee member.

  • Esteemed Poster Marty

    Here is the official website of “Save Our Hills From Save Our Hills”


    See, we are an official activist group too! Chris, please promote it at will.


    Martin Force
    Founder, Save Our Hills From Save Our Hills

  • bbox231

    “Hill area” as shown on the general plan consists of three distinct hill areas, namely:

    (a) The hill area located above the toe of the hill line, subject to the provisions of the Hill Area Initiative of 2002.

    (b) The hill area located below the toe of the hill line but within the area affected by the Hillside Initiative of 1981. This area is generally located easterly of Mission Boulevard and I-680.

    (c) The other hill areas not included in subsections (a) and (b) of this section. These areas are generally located between the northern and southern crossings of Mission Boulevard and I-680 as well as the Coyote Hills area.”

    Hey – whatdya know – there’s more to it than just that thing we all point to and call “a hill”. . . but we all knew that already – - right?


  • Esteemed Poster Marty

    Yes box, there certainly is more to it than “saving our hills”. You get the joke.

  • bbox231

    Oh hell no…. Youre not gonna play that “i was only joking” excuse are you??? #fail

  • Esteemed Poster Marty

    You got me, boxie. The website is totally serious. Caught again :(


    Martin Force
    Founder, Save Our Hills From Save Our Hills and a serious man.

  • bbox231

    Geezus, Marty – at least have the guts to stand somewhere on your own convictions – - however flawed they may be.

  • bbox231

    Come on marty at least have the guts to stand by your position and call it what it is. Humor isnt selective in its application.
    But since you appear to be flailing wildly to identify your own position … bigotry comes to mind..

  • Esteemed Poster Marty

    “…bigotry comes to mind..”

    Expound on that please. Sounds interesting.

  • Charlie C

    I would remind you that extremism in the defense of reasonable development is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of a professional sports franchise coming to your community is no virtue!

  • Esteemed Poster Marty

    Chirp, chirp…

    Boxie must be laying down and getting some rest after spending so many hours standing by his convictions.

  • Bill Spicer

    Union City is just wants to save there hills, like Fremont has…. Go to Hayward or Milpitas, the hills are covered with homes, looks ugly…

  • Esteemed Poster Marty

    Bill, this development is not on the hillside. It is a swath of land in front of the hills that is entirely flat. Look at a google map and drive by the land in question. The development is 100% in line with current development immediately north and south of the Masons property, all of which is not intrusive of the hill landscape in any way.

    Opposition to this development is hyperbolic crap.

  • bbox231

    It may be hyperbolic crap Marty but it also respects Fremont’s definitions (posted below within this thread.
    You might take your concerns up with the CoF.