Fremont nonprofit group fined $25,000 for laundering contributions in 2008 mayoral race

FREMONT — A state agency has fined a nonprofit group $25,000 after discovering it had laundered campaign contributions to a Fremont mayoral candidate six years ago.

The Fair Political Practices Commission announced Monday that leaders of the Wisdom Culture and Education Organization, which offers courses in Chinese language and customs, made five illegal donations to ex-Councilman Steve Cho’s unsuccessful 2008 mayoral bid.

The Fremont organization’s leaders have agreed to pay the maximum fine for violating campaign law by making candidate contributions in the name of another person, according to the state agency decision.

“Making a contribution in another person’s name is one of the most serious types of violations … because it denies the public information about where a candidate receives his or her financial support,” the agency stated in its ruling.

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Chris DeBenedetti


  1. As you know some of our elected officals recently went on a taxpayer $28,500 snipe hunt to India. Can Vinnie or Anu explain why this was worth it?

  2. Good to see you assigning responsibility for this boondoggle to more than one individual, Charlie. While Vinnie and Anu were tasked with executing this outreach, EVERY member of our council own the decision to go AND the near total absence of tangible benefits returned to our city. Bill H shoulders ultimate responsibilty for the relative success or failure of this action. The lack of scrutiny of this (and other past )trips seems to underscore an intended purpose different from that which was advertised to taxpayers. I’m sure we will see more of these trips and I’m sure all members of the council anxiously await their opportunity to visit family or friends or to visit far flung places on the taxpayer dime.

  3. I’m sure we will see the *usual suspects* continue to torpedo even the most sensible development projects and then claim they “mean bussiness”. FCN extremism has no shame. Why take money from developers when it’s easier to steal it from the taxpayer! Who is going to explain why the $28,500 snipe hunt to India was worth taxpayer financing?

  4. Boxie..Why is every possible observation or interpretation of yours tainted by subjectivity?
    May I suggest you start using you left brain!

    “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”
    ~ Albert Einstein

  5. Steve Cho Just got caught, they all do it, to some degree…

  6. Wow Charlie that is some of THE most confused $h1t I’ve seen you come up with in a loooong time.

    Did someone help you with this or did you come up with it on your own?

    On the bright side – for all the angst you bring to this venue (or TRY to bring), I am quite sincere each time I say that you continue to be a wonderful example of why politics in this city are in such poor shape.

    It’s easy for me to imagine that someone that can author this kind of crazed nonsense would also elect a personality ( and little else) such as Harrisson, Natarajan, or Chan. . . .

    I can readily imagine that someone that possesses such incredibly poor deductive reasoning would be duped into thinking that Measure “E” or “Z” might be of some value to our community.

    There are times when I scratch my head and wonder how the heck we got saddled with the likes of Harrisson and Natarajan and Chan. Yet, the answer becomes SO crystal clear when I return to any one of your ramblings. . . . .

  7. Come on Boxie, everybody knows that Harrisson + Natarajan + Chan = Bacon… your savior. Bacon is no better than the rest of the corrupted ones. You must admit I am right once again!

  8. Your problem is this is something personal, Charlie. Your focus is on personality and not on actions, decisions, or ideas.
    Which discredits the (rare) but occasional good thoughts you might stumble into.
    And, BTW – It’s the same criticism I’ve levied at the FCN in their opposition to Measure “E”. They post a list of contributors to a bad measure. The assumption is that the measure is bad because only developers are contributing. Which is WRONG. And, which discredits their position that the Measure is poorly written.
    Bad thinking is bad thinking – whether I agree with you or not – whether I like what you stand for or not.
    Bacon is no “savior” – I don’t know where you extracted that rather extreme notion.
    Bacon started out as, at least, a rational thinker. Someone who makes use of facts and data as a basis to deciding what’s best for our community.
    TO your point – I’ve seen him deviate on a couple of issues (RLC’s – the India trip – to be specific). But, his track record of bad decisions pales in significance to anything that Natarajan, Harrisson, Chan et al have going for them. Sorry – but, their lists of serious “misses” are lengthy and flagrant.
    And, my concern for the community is that we’ve got a few more just like you, with the very same mentality casting the deciding vote(s) . . . . sad, sad, sad. . .

  9. “Your focus is on personality and not on actions, decisions, or ideas.”

    In Charlie’s defense, he is really passionate about a specific action, decision and idea. I think it’s fair to drop Bacon’s name related to the ballpark because that was his maiden issue when he was a wee lad losing elections left and right, and the FCN was his most effective soapbox.

    It’s the repetition. Charlie needs to diversify.

  10. That’s pretty lame rationalization, Marty.

    This is clearly personal.

    In addition to the repetition you point out – there’s also a total absence of holding others accountable for their failure to deliver on this prospect. Failure to do so takes Charlie’s yammering out of the realm of anything remotely “fair” and places it squarely in a realm of a personalized diatribe.

    The question is why this has been so personal for Charlie.

  11. “That’s pretty lame rationalization, Marty. …This is clearly personal.”

    Boxie, you’re the queen of making things personal around here 😉

  12. mwAHAHA!!!!! Thats funny …..

    See- cuz we r both biased on this point we need an independant and objective measure RIGHT?? -and If the arbiter of the rate of promulgating personalized crap is measured by the number of instances that Chris has been compelled to restrict one or the other I think the record is VERY, shall we say, CLEAR????! Or were you just “swiftboated” all those times?

    LMAO. Thanks for the friday afternoon chuckle!

  13. “…and If the arbiter of the rate of promulgating personalized crap is measured by the number of instances that Chris has been compelled to restrict one or the other I think the record is VERY, shall we say, CLEAR????!”

    Zero times, despite your incessant complaints.


  14. Unfortunately, the track record that would prove you mistaken (again) appears to have been deleted when BANG re-did the web site.
    Also the only statements I’ve made re your participation in this venue have been made openly within the blog itself. If there are incessant complaints they are at least out in the open for you to contradict – – – which you’ve rarely been willing to do without getting personal.

  15. Boxie…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bo7zkd0kRS4

    Was the FCN “fair” when they/you killed the ballpark deal? I along with Gandhi and Martin Luther King agree that *righteous yammering* can and will eventually make the world a better place. Your side seems to prefer to torpedo and swift-boat what you don’t like… regardless of the facts. Your leader *Bacon* has so far unsuccessfully attempted to sweep his opposition to the Cisco Field under the rug when it is clear it’s “stadium effect” Tsunami would have greatly benefited our citizens. In retrospect your actions have forever devalued Fremont.


  16. See, this entire exchange is personal for you.

    And, no Boxie.
    There was not a single occurrence when of my comments was ever in jeopardy with the BANG admin, because I am the BANG admin 😉

  17. Yes Marty…Boxie needs to give his ego a small time out before he can truly become enlightened. Outright lies, reality spins, twisted half-truths and deceptive comments are what we have all grown accustomed to get form the majority of political figures. Boxie must know that Bacon has already demonstrated the he is no better than the rest.

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