Union City leader apologizes for breaking campaign law

UNION CITY — Gurnam “Gary” Singh, a Union City leader fined recently for breaking campaign contribution laws four years ago, has apologized.

Singh, a planning commissioner since 2006, also said he will not run for City Council in November.

“When I ran in 2010, I was inexperienced and was not aware at the time what we did was incorrect,” Singh said in a statement emailed to this newspaper. “Putting family over politics, we have paid the fine and are ready to move on (and) learn from our mistakes, and I promise that it will not happen again.”

Singh laundered campaign contributions during Singh’s failed 2010 City Council bid, the Fair Political Practices Commission announced three weeks ago.

Singh and Jo Ann Lew, a fellow planning commissioner and treasurer of the Gary Singh for City Council 2010 committee, waived their rights to a hearing and agreed to pay a total of $15,000, the state agency said.

“I want to apologize to my family, friends and supporters for the embarrassment this has caused,” Singh wrote. “I will continue to be involved in the city and do what I can do to help this city move forward.”

Chris DeBenedetti


  1. Councilman Bacon needs to take a page out of Garys book and apologize for chasing billions of dollars out of Fremont when he and his minions successfully killed professional baseball coming to Fremont. The As would have built a world class stadium that would have been a cash cow for the city of Fremont. The misguided efforts of a vocal minority should not be forgotten when the next election rolls around.

  2. Charlie,

    It is incredible that after the topic of the A’s in Fremont has been dead for over four years, you still attack me about this topic in almost every comment you make.

    Besides, your anger towards me is totally misplaced. If I felt I really was the cause of the A’s not coming to Fremont, I’d say so. But that’s simply not the case.

    In 2008, it looked like the ballpark could have gone forward. The fateful night was in December of 2008 when the guy from Catellus said they were against the project. If the property owner says it’s not happening, it’s not happening.

    At that same meeting in December the idea of the Warm Springs project was first announced. I would argue that this was a quick attempt to find another location that never had a real chance of succeeding due to a number of factors (i.e. public opposition, not owning the land). Indeed, Wolff announced that this idea was dead the following February. I would also argue that the attempted revival in 2010 never had a real chance of succeeding.

    Yet somehow in your mind I wrecked the whole thing myself. You’re still upset about the A’s and are looking for someone to blame. You need to accept that
    something you wanted to see in Fremont didn’t come to fruition and move on. Continuing the personal attacks on me is only making you look even more obsessive.

    What’s most troubling about your perspective is you seem to believe that I and others had no right to speak our peace on this topic. Or you believe that one should be subjected to years and years of personal attacks for disagreeing with you. Is this really a topic that is worthy of hundreds of personal attacks over several years?

    BTW, Bill and I saw you and the missus at the Nursery event a few weeks
    ago. I was half expecting you to speak and suggest that we convert the park to a ballpark. 🙂

  3. The A’s in Fremont is dead…long live the A’s in Fremont ! Vinnie I am sorry to hear that you think my anger is misplaced. Did you K-Mac and Gus ever really considered what would have been in the *BEST* interest of Fremont when you and the (demonize a developer) vocal minority opposed what could have a BILLION DOLLAR cash cow in Fremont? Did you? This is on you like white on rice and you have to accept what you did to prevent Fremont from becoming a city that is home to a major league sports franchise and declare the issue dead. Living with your past seems to be rubbing you raw. I know some people, who support you, rightfully say you can be nasty and uncompromising Are you?. I have to give you credit… unlike BILL or BRUCE your don’t call people retarded when they disagree with you!

  4. If you are going to ask insulting questions as opposed to discussing something real, I have nothing more to say to you. I’ve already wasted FAR too much time addressing your redundant, meaningless, insulting posts. You add nothing of interest to the discussion. If you want to keep on with your obsession, feel free. You’re only making yourself look ridiculous.

    You need to face reality. When an issue has had no activity for four years, and when you’re the only one who talks about the issue, it is indeed dead. I’m sorry you’re having trouble accepting that fact.

    BTW, we know that your name is Michael. Bill uses his real name. There is no Bruce here so you can stop pretending that you know Bbox’s name. There are only the four of us here since Marty seems to have left us once again.

  5. It is insulting when your true beliver friends (Bruce, Bill and BBox) call you a moron, mentally ill or an idoit. Nasty developer haters they are!

    Your obsession with sticking it to the man has cost Fremont thousands of jobs and billions of dollars.You should go down to Santa Clara and and see the positive effect a sports has on a community.

    Councilman, you are the one who needs to face reality.Teaming up with K-Mac was a mistake. Opposing a major league sports team coming to your community was a mistake. Going to India for (no apparent reason) on the taxpayers dime was a mistake.The people of Fremont are sick of you and your dog demonizing developers and pretend to be pro business.

    Fyi, your friend and ally Bruce has been known as… 1.West 2 California Guy and 3. Jasper Stein. He (hint, hint) has a peace sign in his backyard .Bbox’s name has been changed to StayDum to protect the innocent.

    Marty a Republican I can respect says this about you “let him govern.”

    Ground contol to Marty, are you still on board with that?

  6. Quite the contrary, Chuckie.
    My reasons for changing my alias have nothing to do with this venue or those who participate herein. But, when the need to do so presented itself – I really liked StayDum – – it had so many opportunities which were so obviously relevant to . . . . . well . .. . . . . to YOU frankly. And, I really, really liked all of the possible applications.

  7. Bruce means bussiness … and is in the deep freeze somewhere in *AREA 51* where YOU and the demonize a developer crowd can be found 6 days a week!
    Be a man DUM…and come out TROLL!

  8. Can you be specific about exactly which statement you consider “emotional” – Charlie?

    (I didn’t think so)

    As far as “off topic” – you are correct – the previous 7 posts in this thread have been “off topic” – – so, why – exactly – did you wait until now to make that assertion?? We’ve ALL been “off topic” to this point – – –

    Do you at all grasp the point that, if you wanted to complain about being “off topic” you should have done it right after Vinnie posted a response?

    (I didn’t think so.)

    See – the problem you have is that this is obviously a disturbingly personal and emotional issue for you. And, let’s be clear, your issue is not the stadium. Your issue is clearly some kind of personal beef you have with Vinnie Bacon.
    If the stadium WAS your point of frustration, you’d have a bit of a gripe with many others who also contributed to its demise.
    But you choose not to.

    Case in point – your angst has been totally directed at Vinnie Bacon. Yet Harrisson, Natarajan, Wasserman, Diaz etc. – did a lousy job of anticipating the very obvious parking and traffic problems associated with plopping this steaming hot load of a stadium in the midst of a major retail development. There might be a place for a stadium in Fremont, but Pac Com was NEVER it and any idiot could see the attendant problems. They also did a horrendous job of engaging community support. Serving up a few snacks at the Saddle Rack and asking the Chamber to pass out a few fliers isn’t exactly a shining example of how one effectively engages the broader Fremont community, wouldn’t you agree?

    If yours was, as your sidekick Marty contends, simply an over zealous concern for community and for the missed opportunity that the stadium (long ago) represented, a RATIONAL individual would at least share an ounce of frustration (in your case – anger) with others who contributed. But you don’t. YOU make the choice not to.

    There is no confusion in my mind on this point. Yours is a highly personalized assault – harassment I would call it – directed at a singular individual. Your assertions frequently have no factual merit. They are frequently peppered with very personal details which you’ve clearly spent time extracting. The combination of these, when sustained for as long as you have done so, causes me to feel uncomfortable and to characterize their continuation as a clear example of online harassment.

    It’s clearly emotion-filled for you. It’s quite personal. At this point in time, it has nothing to do with the stadium

  9. Box, you in fact have what you call a disturbingly personal and emotional issue with anyone not named Bacon. You have relentlessly complained about Harrisson, Natarajan, Wasserman, Diaz while Bacon has been spared of your criticism. Bacon the nasty has not lived up to anything and does not deserve a free pass.

  10. Thats an inaccurate assessment ignorant if the factual record. I have been openly critical of Vinnies position on red light cameras and on his silence re the trip to India.

    Your attempt to draw a parallel between your personalized harassment of Vinnie and my criticisms of our city councils ACTIONS is out if touch with reality (again).

    Pivot, redirect, and dont ever address the core issues which remain very much about you and your harassment of Vinnie

  11. Pivot, redirect, ignore facts.
    Such are the tactics of those who have supported our legacy political interests
    All they have are personalized anecdotes and (frequently) unsubtantiated heresay and when they run out of that, pivot, redirect, ignore facts.
    It’s a wonderful example as to why it’s sooooo important to get more of Fremont into the polls. These are the loons that are (largely) running your community.

  12. Be honest troll…who is the most hypocritical Fremont city council member? Be honest!

  13. Pivot, redirect, ignore facts.
    It’s one example of those who get into the polls . . .
    And one reason why our politics are as ineffectual as it is. . . (except for a select few).

    Keep paying your taxes, don’t bother to vote and continue to let this kind of mentality make decisions for you.

  14. Actually – no it wasn’t.

    The record seems to suggest a fair number of new votes in favor of Bacon.

    Which is precisely what Diaz, Harrisson, Natarajan and Charlie et al are afraid of.

    They’ve got a nice little lock in things with 20% of the constituency controlling 100% of the tax base.

    And, they don’t want anybody to upset that little apple cart.

    The opportunity is for that other 80% of Fremont constituency to decide that they’re tired of seeing the real amenities concentrated in a couple of the districts while the rest receive little more than a few low-income tenements.

  15. Your continued adulation of Bacon most certainly proves you are staying dum. Vinnie the hypocrite no better than Diaz, Harrisson, Natarajan. Vinnie is proven a bussiness killer. Dispite their warts Diaz, Harrisson, Natarajan are less hypocritical than your boy and you know it.

  16. Two separate attempts several hours apart trying to interject some reason into this nonsense but both posts held for moderation….. and continue to be held 24 hours later.
    No links are in my posts.
    No foul language are included in my posts.
    So why are these being prohibited?
    Partial screen capture of my original post including date and time can be found here –

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