Fremont Symphony Orchestra and Mission Peak Chamber Singers set to perform

The Fremont Symphony Orchestra and the Misson Peak Chamber Singers are performing-arts institutions in these parts …

FREMONT — Two longtime classical musical groups will continue their performing-arts traditions in East Bay concerts later this month.

The Fremont Symphony Orchestra will pay tribute to the city’s large Indian community Saturday in a performance at Ohlone College.

A week later, the Mission Peak Chamber Singers will join the Brentwood-based Immaculate Heart of Mary Youth Choir in concerts in Brentwood and Fremont.

Conductor Michael Morgan will lead the Fremont Symphony Orchestra in “West Meets East,” a concert featuring several Indian-themed compositions. Morgan, conductor of the Oakland East Bay Symphony, is one of several guest maestros working this year with Fremont’s musicians.

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Chris DeBenedetti


  1. We have time to enter a post about our local symphony orchestra while conscious actions, by our City Administration and which are fully supported by our Council may be, at worst – illegal, and, at best – significantly in conflict with any reasonable definition of transparency in government – are ignored, or side-stepped, or simply not given the same light of day as other “nice” stories.
    Why is that?
    Why would our Council CHOOSE this path?
    What have we got to hide??
    And, why does our media CHOOSE to provide coverage of lesser issues while ignoring this one??

  2. No MLB baseball, no civic pride, but soon there will be a red light camera at every intersection and a chick-fil-a in every district. Keep sweeping it under the rug my friend … VB means business!

  3. I’ll bet you and Donald Trump have a lot in common – – dontcha, Charlie?

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