Fremont: Group sues over approved Niles district housing development

Newly formed citizens group says “not so fast” to Fremont and a developer trying to build 98 townhomes in Niles.

FREMONT — A lawsuit aimed at blocking the construction of nearly 100 Niles district townhomes claims the city did not comply with environmental law before approving the project last month.

The lawsuit challenges Fremont’s refusal to prepare an environmental impact report for a housing-retail development at 37899 Niles Blvd., near the historic neighborhood’s southern gateway.

Protect Niles, a newly formed citizens group, filed the suit Friday, claiming the project should have required an environmental review because it will affect the Niles district’s traffic, historic resources, parking, land use, soils and aesthetics.

“The group fully supports development of … the site,” Protect Niles member Julie Cain said, “but with a less dense, lower-profile, sustainable development complying with our adopted local plans and policies, responding to site constraints, and (remaining) compatible with our historic locale.”

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Chris DeBenedetti


  1. I s’pose someone could argue this is nothing more than a NIMBY move by a few folks that want to get in the way of progress . .
    I s’pose you could argue that it’s a move by folks that want to get in the way of good, paying jobs and opportunities for employment . .
    I s’pose you could argue that it’s just an action by a few folks that care about the quality/condition of their local community.
    I dunno which it is. .. . but, I do know that if this was a stadeeumm and not just a few condo’s – the noise would be a lot louder.

  2. Let’ rise up and protect Niles from being the understated dud it currently is! The demonize a developer crowd must be all in on this one!! I s’pose this *MEANS BUSINESS* to the one who would be mayor?

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