Fremont Unified buys 33-acre property for new campus

We’ll have more on this site in late June, after the purchase closes escrow, but for now:

FREMONT — The school district has bought a 33-acre parcel in the Brookvale neighborhood, where it hopes a new campus one day will ease crowding woes stemming from rising enrollment.

Now the question is: What type of school should go there?

The property at 35068 Fremont Blvd., near Decoto Road, runs between two housing tracts, connecting Fremont Boulevard to Paseo Padre Parkway.

District leaders are spending $52.8 million to buy the vacant land, which Superintendent James Morris calls “a once-in-a-lifetime asset,” key for Fremont schools’ long-term planning.

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Chris DeBenedetti


  1. The long-range (enrollment) problem that we have could be better solved by allowing Fremonts vacant fields to be developed into tourist attractions like the forward thinking Santa Clara city council did when they beat back the nimby naysayers and built Levi Stadium. Now the citizen of Santa Clara have a cash cow for the next 40 years and will no doubt prosper. Fremont leadership on the other hand seems to favor under developed fields of weeds over cash cows. That needs to change if Fremont means business!

  2. What a joke!

    You can’t have it both ways and here’s the bottom line for Fremont – – – we DON’T want to encourage businesses!

    “Some bars and taverns are ripe for mayhem and disorder, encouraging patronage by those more interested in irresponsible behavior than a social venue. But others such as wine bars, jazz clubs and entertainment centered facilities are focused in a different direction. Although problems can arise, the venue’s focus is on a convivial atmosphere conducive to a pleasant experience.

    If the proposed modifications to this ordinance are used to address the nightlife of the City of Fremont, why segregate downtown from other possible venues? Nightlife is a critical part of Fremont; let’s let it thrive!”
    What is incredibly inconsistent by our legacy Council members is to, on one hand, support the notion of a stadium (which all of them – except one – did) . . . .with 100’s and 100’s of folks over the limit hitting our streets after a game – BUT – to constrain nightlife and business under a pretense of . . . .. . . – hey, I’m not quite sure. But – in any case – it’s a major incongruity in thought (if thought even was part of it).
    A stadium is AOK – BUT – a little nightclub needs to be VERY tightly controlled and corralled. . . . .


  3. BOX…your boy can sweep all of his hypocrisy under the rug and not have the guts to stand up to much if any criticism. The man who would be mayor is a joke…NO?

  4. No – – the individual you are referring to has AT LEAST had the guts to engage this (and other) public venues. . . .
    The man who *IS* mayor – – – hasn’t been willing to do so.
    Nor have any of the other established game players.

  5. “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” – Socrates

  6. Boxie…You and the demonize a developer mob have succeeded in making Fremont much much less than it could be. I saw the man who would be mayor at Chick-fil-A the other day eating a send me to India on the taxpayer dime politically incorrect chicken sandwitch. Keep sweeping it under the rug my friend and remember “Bacon *KILLS* business!

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