Lenient traffic commissioner still lenient first day back in Fremont

Traffic Commissioner John Porter, who I wrote about a couple weeks ago, finally made his return to Fremont today. None of his cases involved right turn on red violations, for which he is the only commissioner who’ll knock down the fine from $480 to $110.

But  for the other cases, Porter continued his practice of significantly lowering what fines he could. He found two speeders guilty, but assessed them both $125 fines instead of the standard $234.

Since they had both already paid the $234, they left court with a tidy refund.



Fatal traffic collision

An SUV struck and killed a 73-year-old Union City woman about 5:30 p.m. today on Washington Boulevard near Olive Avenue.

No charges at this time against the 22-year-old SUV driver. Police believe victim, who was wearing dark clothes, had suddenly entered the road and driver couldn’t have avoided the  crash.

Cops haven’t identified the victim.



Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:

A couple returned home to Horat Terrace after a shopping excursion. As the husband unloaded the truck, a tall man knocked over his wife as she headed for the front door. The man then punched the husband and persuaded the wife to hand over her gold necklace.

Someone at the Glen Haven Apartments on Central decided to use car as target practice. The car’s owner found that a bulleted entered the car near the license plate and became lodged in the backseat.

A child welfare check at the Durham Greens Apartments turned up two young children and a lot of drugs. The adults in the room resisted the cops, but were ultimately arrested for child endangerment.

Two officers happened upon a burglary Thursday on the 3200 block of Isherwood Way. The ominously named Sergeant Severance stopped the getaway car with three of the four crooks inside. Cops later found the fourth thief nearby. 

From the wire:
I met Grandmaster Al Novak at a Union City martial arts event. Man had a death grip of a handshake.
Path cleared for Sunflower grocery store to open at former Barnes & Noble site at Mowry and Fremont.
Profile on former Solyndra CEO Chris Gronet.
Fremont skater is future Olympic hopeful.


Occupy Fremont

So far three people have signed up via Facebook to support the Occupy movement at 10 a.m. next Saturday, Dec. 3 at the corner of Fremont Boulevard and Walnut Avenue.

The Rev. Jeff Spencer and Co. will march from there to Fremont’s town square — the Valero gas station at Mowry Avenue  and Fremont Boulevard — before heading up to Paseo Padre Parkway for a rally.

Along the way, we will pause briefly at various bank branches to bear witness:
– to the scandalous salaries the bank CEOs and executives get (unlike the people who work in these branches),
– to the need for compassion in the midst of the foreclosure crisis, and
– to our desire for a more equitable economy in our country.
At the park by the Courthouse – a symbol of justice in our society – we will have a rally/vigil (starting at 11:00). At the rally, the Rev. Jeremy Nickel will speak about his experiences with Occupy Oakland, including being arrested there.
You are invited to bring respectful signs that represent the aspects of the Occupy Movement that resonate most deeply in you.


Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:
A sergeant was at the Brookvale neighborhood Lucky’s when he spotted a motorcycle that looked similar to one that had been used in connection with a recent crime. Turned out the bike was stolen. When the the bikers walked into the store, the sergeant ordered it evacuated, and cops arrested a male and female.

You’ve got to grab a lot of stuff to steal $500 worth of merchandise from Styles for Less in the Fremont Hub shopping center, but four women were up to the task on Tuesday. They also managed a clean getaway in a purple Toyota Camry.

Two men wearing masks and carrying guns robbed City Liquor on Thornton Tuesday night and Arrowhead Liquor on Lake Arrowhead.

From the wire:
Don’t forget that Friday evening in Niles is the first Christmas tree lighting of the season.
Tesla pitches new jobs.


Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:

A customer at the Niles district 7-11 would have gotten away with using a fake $20 bill, if he hadn’t left his driver’s license at the store.

A cop stopped a car with a very drunk 22-year-old passenger inside. The officer told the driver to take his buddy home, but the buddy later called 911 and requested a word or two with the cop back at the scene. The cop granted his request, taking him to jail for being drunk in public.

From Ohlone College:
My story about Ohlone College Trustee Greg Bonaccorsi’s odd living arrangement ran today. A resident on Klamath Place in Fremont, which is a very small street, says she’s never seen Bonaccorsi there. But, he only moved in two months ago and might be spending most of his waking hours with his family in Newark. This neighbor said she also knows the owner of the house – Edward and Shirley Kwan, who she said are out of the country. Bonaccorsi is renting a room in the house from his colleague, Susan Manbeian, who is renting the home from the Kwans.


No community service from Lonsdale

On Tuesday, Fremont Traffic Court Commissioner strayed from her policy of not granting community service, allowing one defendant to work off half of a $480 red light ticket.

But today, she went right back to denying community service to the defendants I witnessed. Both times a red light runner asked for community service, she said that she doesn’t commute those offences — even though she partially commuted the same offense one day earlier.

The much more lenient Commissioner John Porter once again was a no-show at the courthouse.


Another post for Ishan

Ishan Shah, formerly of Fremont, soon to be of USC, has a new post and a new spokesman. The post is student representative on the California Student Aid Commission and the spokesman, at least for today, is Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski, who made the announcement via Facebook:

It’s with great pride that I can say that today, Ishan Shah of Fremont has been appointed by Governor Brown to be a student representative on the California Student Aid Commission. Ishan is pursuing a degree in political science at Ohlone College. He served as a commissioner on the Human Relations Commission in Alameda County from 2010 to 2011. He has served as a student senator for the Student Senate for the California Community Colleges from 2010 to 2011. I trust he will do an excellent job as a Commissioner.