Good news for Ardenwood commuters

The new and much expanded Ardenwood Park & Ride lot off Route 84 in Fremont will open next Monday, June 1.

It will have 235 more parking spaces for commuters to park their cars and take AC Transit over the Dumbarton Bridge.

The new facility will also have bus shelters, NEXTBUS real-time arrival information and bike lockers.

But it won’t have mini-golf or batting cages. That what used to be there on Ardenwood Boulevard just off Route 84..


It’s NOT the Great Pumpkin, Fremont

Just read on my favorite Niles chat group, that Perry’s Farm isn’t doing the pumpkin patch this year. I’ve gone there the last two years; it’s great. Perry wanted to give his fields a rest this year, so he didn’t plant pumpkins.

For other East Bay pumpkin patches, click here.

((UPDATE)) I just talked to Doug Perry of Perry Farm. He said they expect to plant pumpkins again next year. The corn maze, however, is probably gone for good.

He said the family is getting up in years and wanted to take a year off. Pumpkin season is a lot of work. Squash bugs and wanting to give the land a break from pumpkins were also factors, he said.

There were vandalism issues last year, which he said was a particularly tough one. However, he said the pumpkin patch is profitable, and the family will get less revenue from planing other vegetable on the land.