Besaro hearing postponed

The administrative law hearing on a proposed major rent increase at Besaro Mobile Home park has been postponed. It was supposed to start Monday, but a couple of medical emergencies concerning people on both sides of the dispute forced the postponement.

A new date has not been scheduled, although it could be announced as early as today.

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In 2007 the city tried to stop prominent Fremont landowner and developer David Beretta (the same guy who wants to raise rents at the Besaro Mobile Home Park) from opening a mini-storage near the Warm Springs BART station.

The council refused to pass an emergency ordinance that would have prevented it. It needd 4/5ths for approval. Steve Cho and Bill Harrison voted No.

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That meeting brought out several prominent landowners around the future BART station. The attorney who spoke on behalf of Beretta and against the emergency ordinance proposed by city staff was Paul Kozachenko of Gonsalves & and Kozachenko.


Senior Mobile Home Park owners demand rent hikes, threaten closure

The owners of Besaro Mobile Home Park are filing suit to raise all rents to to $895 a month, which  would be a 40+ percent increase many of the elderly residents.

If they don’t get the rent hike, “the park will almost certainly be closed,” their attorney wrote in a filing with the city.

The owners include David Beretta, who owns a lot of Fremont real estate and Jack Rogers, who was once Fremont’s director of maintenance and recreation, and most recently served as Suzanne Chan’s campaign manager.

The ownership group has made more than $1 million each of the past three years from the 29-acre property on Deep Creek Road. They think city rent control laws are keeping them from making more. Residents say the rent increase will break some of them.

Both sides have sparred in the past. Click here for background.


Jack Rogers, asset or liability?

When I asked Sue Chan yesterday if Dutra was her campaign chairman, she said he wasn’t, and added that Jack Rogers is her campaign manager. I found that interesting because Rogers is part of an ownership group that has caused a lot of grief for low-income seniors at Fremont’s Besaro Mobile Home Park.

The owners, who include Rogers, David Beretta and Nancy Ostler, have expressed interest in closing the mobile home park. They have also sought to raise rents on mobile home owners and make changes in park by-laws that residents said would diminish the value of their homes.

Of course Rogers (pictured left) is more than a landlord. He worked for the city for decades, and is active in charitable organizations. He also seems to have kept good standing in city circles despite his ownership group’s actions at Besaro.

I asked Derek “Rick” Wariner, the leader of the Besaro tenants group what he thought of Rogers and whether he would vote for a candidate who had him as her campaign manager. Here is what he said:

“I think from my few dealings (wth him), he’s the best of best of these guys,” Wariner said.

As for whether he would vote for a Roger’s-backed candidate, Wariner said, “I don’t know. I would really have to give that baby some thought. The other two (owners)? No way, absolutely not. Rogers, I understand, he was a pretty good egg.”

I emailed back Sue Chan about 24 hours ago to ask if she had any reservations about Rogers considering the Besaro situation. I’m still waiting for a reply.

FYI, I misspelled Rogers’ name in one of the stories I linked to.