Fremont teachers’ no-layoff clause controversy

What was supposed to be a united rally against state budget cuts and a push for local school funding turned into an attack on the Fremont teachers’ union and the no-layoff clause for permanent teachers in its contract during last night’s education/budget forum.


Overall, the event was a tame affair. Three or four dozen people attended — about half of which I recognized as elected officials, school administrators or the super-involved parents who serve on various school committees. A couple of the organizers said after the event that they had hoped for a larger turnout and agreed that perhaps they had been preaching to the choir. Nevertheless, they’re hoping those who heard their message will pass it on to others in the community.


That message being that the fiscal crisis the district finds itself in (about a $20 million deficit) is the fault of the state Legislature which keeps making cuts to education; that there needs to be a Constitutional amendment so that state budgets no longer need two-thirds legislative approval to pass; and that it behooves everyone in the community to support a local schools parcel tax. Continue Reading


It’s good to be a lawyer in Fremont

It looks like the City Attorney’s office is the least affected by Fremont’s budget cuts.

The City Manager’s Department is facing an 8.8 percent cut,
City Clerk – a 7.8 percent cut
Finance – an 8.3 percent cut
HR – a 10.9 percent cut
Economic Development – a 9.4 percent cut

But the City Attorney’s Office is seeing its budget increase 0.5 percent from $8.8 million to $8.84 million. It doesn’t say why that is.


More budget cut casualties

Fremont will no longer provide street tree maintenance. It’ll be up to property owners once the City Council passes a new law.

Less recruitment of retailers

Less maintenance at Central Park

No temporary skate park

No more scholarships for 139 low-income families to participated in the summer playground program


Return of rolling fire station brownouts

Fremont released its proposed budget today. Due to staff reductions, “fire station closures will be rotated throughout the city.”

That’s what cities do to cut down on firefighter overtime. Fremont is  reducing fire department positions from 161 to 152. I don’t know how many of those positions are vacant.