Another missed deadline, another fine for Fremont eyesore

Today is the latest city-imposed deadline for Jim Hardwick to have turned old Shell Station on Thronton Ave at Cabrillo Drive  into an exciting new mini-mart. He’s not even close to done. There’s still no roof, still no stucco, still no landscaping, etc., etc.

The city fined him $4,500 when he missed his last deadline in October. The fined him another $14,000 this month when it turned out he didn’t have a general contractor overseeing the project as promised. Now they can fine him again. That decision will come on Monday.

Hardwick said he had not comment.


Fremont fines Cabrillo Park property owner

Fremont officials have fined James Hardwick $4,500 for not completing a mini-mart project at the corner of Thornton Avenue and Cabrillo Drive by last week’s stipulated deadline.

Hardwick now has 45 days to complete the project or face more fines. The property has been a bone of contention in the neighborhood for years.

The city fined Hardwick $500 a day from Oct. 26 through Nov. 3, when the two sides met and worked out the new deadline. Hardwicknow has a contractor on the job, so maybe it really will be completed within 45 days. I can think of a couple people in Cabrillo Park who aren’t holding their breath.


Old Shell Station still not a mini-mart

On Sunday, the deadline came and went for the owner of the old Shell Station at the corner of Thornton Avenue and Cabrillo Drive to turn his abandoned property into an shiny new mini-mart. You can see by this picture taken yesterday by our Bea Ahbeck that he didn’t quite make it.

In fact, Jim Hardwick is still at least more than a month away from finishing the building, not to mention the fact that he hasn’t yet signed up a tenant.

The ball is in the city’s court now. They can fine Hardwick up to $500 a day if they choose. Hardwick said he’s making a good faith effort, and that he would fight any new fines. Both sides are supposed to discuss it on Monday.


Beauty’s in the eye …

Look familiar? It should to my predecessor Chris De Benedetti. He wrote a lot about Jim Hardwick’s eyesore at the corner of Thornton Avenue and Cabrillo Drive. Hardwick finally filled in a huge hole last year and agreed to turn the derelict former Shell Station into a mini-mart by this October.

But will he? Cabrillo residents say nothing much has happened at the site for months. Leonard Powell with the city says Hardwick has made progress and that is expected to meet his city-imposed deadline of Oct. 26. Hardwick, who owns numerous properties in Fremont and elsewhere, won’t return my phone calls.