Union City teen enters mayoral race

Kevin Armonio, an 18-year-old who graduated James Logan High in June, has qualified as a write-in candidate for the Union City mayoral race. He is the only person to challenge the current mayor, Mark Green, who is seeking re-election.

Armonio is studying political science at Chabot College. He said he doesn’t expect to win, but he entered the race to gain experience in politics. Ultimately, he wants to become a legislator.

I’ll have a story about Armonio in either tomorrow or Wednesday’s paper. (I’m working on getting a photo of him.)


Talking dog

I suppose this video is appropriate since the Giants are going down in the Dawg Pound tonight. Eli, Eli, Eli.

I don’t mean to give too much attention to Vinnie Bacon, but I’ve always had a thing for talking dogs. I wonder if he/she can also write mean-spirited anonymous blog comments.


Yamaguchi for Chan

Finally got to look at the campaign filings. The best-known contributor in Fremont is Kristi Yamaguchi. The Olympic champ gave $500 to Sue Chan.

Trisha Tahmasbi had to settle for Fabian Nunez’s campaign fund and Bob Wieckowski’s secretary.

Those of you who keep pointing to Chan’s ties to former Assemblyman John Dutra and Tahmasbi’s ties to her boss, current Assemblyman Alberto Torrico, should feel better than I feel with the NY Giants losing to the Browns at halftime.

If your name was Dutra, you were giving to Chan: John, Dominic, Bernadine, Lisa … Shlomo, Moishe — you name it. The Dutras delivered more than $5,000 to Chan.

As for Tahmasbi, she got more than 5k from the political action committees of 11 state legislators. She also got money from Anu Natarajan, Bill Harrison and his wife, and Wiekowski and his girlfriend. Wieckowski’s secretary, Stacey Stevens, gave Tahmasbi $450.

Overall Chan had more contributions and a higher percentage of contributions coming from Fremont residents.

I wrote a story about this for tomorrow’s paper. to read it, click here.


Truth Patrol, Part ???

This brings me back to summer. Tahmasbi didn’t call the City Council an embarrassment, as once commenter wrote. She said the level of police staffing in Fremont was an embarrassment.

Also, no one should assume that people who say good things about a candidates are in any way part of that candidates campaign.


Nine is enough

The story in today’s Argus marks the ninth and final City Council Candidate profile. A tenth candidate, Hou Leong, never returned my phone calls.

FYI, It’s looking like The Argus editorial board — those same visionaries who advised you last time around to support a utility tax and make Ray Bilodeau a school board member — won’t be making endorsements this year. What will you do without them?

To read about Trisha, click here.


Campaign finance: not for the impatient

One thing I hate about elections season: campaign finance. Sure, it could be important, and even interesting, to know which candidates have accepted money from special-interest groups and who’s backing whom. But getting one’s hands on those financial statements always ends up being a big pain in the butt.

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Editor vacations, reporter screws up

I doubt Argus Editor Steve Waterhouse misses me, but I’m starting to miss him. While he vacations in North Fremont, I’ve made two boo-boos that he surely would have caught.

First, I misspelled the name of Union City finance guru Rich Digre in Wednesday’s paper. I gave him an extra “e”. I didn’t run a correction, because I spelled his name correctly in Thursday’s paper.

Second, in my profile of Sue Chan, I should have written that the landslide district would have included 2,000 homes, not 200 homes. There will be a correction on that one in tomorrow’s paper.

Also, the Chan story should have been lower down on the page, not the top story. Our policy is not to run candidate profiles as the top story. However, since our editor is on vacation, the folks taking over didn’t know that, and made Chan the top story. Sorry about that.


City Council/school board candidates: Round 2

Last night, Fremont City Council and school board candidates answered questions at a forum sponsored by the Fremont Council PTA. It was the second forum for the candidates this month. The questions focused on school issues, including those that are affected by City Council actions.

All five school board candidates and seven of the 10 council candidates were there. It would take too long to go through all the questions and answers, but I understand that the Fremont Council PTA will post candidates’ written responses to the questions on its Web site: www.fremontcouncilpta.org.