`Brave’ Bank robber charged in federal court

Remember the cases about a year ago in which a man wearing an Atlanta Braves baseball cap was robbing banks and check cashing business in the East and South Bay to payoff gambling debts? Maybe you remember this picture?

Well, the man suspected of those crimes has been charged in federal court. Court records show Shaun Shinkyu Kim, A 27-year-old Fremont man, has been charged with a dozen crimes, all of which are a variation of robbery.

In all, authorities believe the man stole almost $58,000 during the six month stretch. In most of the heists only a few thousands dollars were stolen. But in the last one, June 10, 2008, the robbery suspect made off with more than $18,000.





Fremont schools locked down

UPDATE: The lockdowns have been lifted. Police caught the suspect more than a half-mile from the nearest school. No incidents were reported at the schools.

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(ORIGINAL ENTRY:) American High, Thornton Jr. High, and Oliveira and Cabrillo elementary schools are in lockdown, as police search for a suspected armed robber in the Cabrillo neighborhood. There’s been no report of injuries or suspicious activities at the schools.

We’ll have an online story soon, so check our Web site.


(UPDATED 2/24) Shooting prompts closure of westbound Stevenson in Fremont

UPDATE: 12:15 P.M. (2/24) — Two people have been arrested and a third is now being sought in this case. Should have more details later today, but it looks like this thing stems from a fight between two brothers.

UPDATE: 4 P.M. (2/23) — All lanes of Stevenson Boulevard are now being re-opened. However, there are no further details of the shooting.

UPDATE: 2:50 p.m. (2/23) — Looks like no one was hit by gunfire, but a car was shot up.

Original: Still seeking details on this case, but police have shut down westbound Stevenson Boulevard between Fremont Boulevard and Besco Drive as they investigate a shooting in the area. It’s unclear at this point exactly what happened, but it looks like at least three shots were fired and there was some sort of crash; still not sure if anyone was hurt. Stay tuned …


Shooting in Fremont

UPDATE (4:29 p.m.) The gunman was a fifty-something year-old white guy. I saw him get loaded into an ambulance. Don’t know if he was going to jail or a hospital. He fired a single round through his apartment wall shortly before noon. Cops came over, he wouldn’t come out. Cops evacuated people and negotiated with him. And then he surrendered. No one was hurt.

UPDATE (3:40 p.m.): The gunman has surrendered. Things are winding down at the scene.

UPDATE (1:38 p.m.): Turns out no one got shot, but the suspected gunman is holed up in his apartment and refusing to come out. It’s a standoff between him and police right now.

(ORIGINAL ENTRY): This one sounds more serious. It’s at the Glenhaven Savoy Apartments in North Fremont. I’ll be heading over there. Sounds like the shooter had a lot of guns registered to him, and police are now evacuating nearby apartments.


Fremont is not always Fremont.

There is a report on the Web site for one of our local television stations that mentions a man being arrested in Fremont on suspicion of rape in Mexico. What the report fails to mention is that this is Fremont, Neb. Yes, Nebraska, as in clear across the country. The report was not produced by said television station though, so it’s not their fault per se. It was written (or re-written) by a local wire service. Here is the original short story as printed in the Omaha World-Herald. Figured I’d let our good readers know what’s going on before they think we’re slippin’.


Fremont SWAT surround apartment building

UPDATE: 3:45 p.m. Man is 40 and was ARRESTED on suspicion of two charges, brandishing a weapon and making terrorist threats. NOTE: In this context, “making terrorist threats” only means that the guy threatened to harm someone. It DOES NOT mean the alternative definition of “terrorist threats” as we’ve come to know in the last decade or so … 


UPDATE: 3:25 p.m.: New story has been posted. There will be a final version posted later.

UPDATE: 3:05 p.m.: Confirmed, the man has surrendered.

UPDATE: 3 p.m.: The man apparently has just surrendered to authorities. More to come … 

UPDATE: 2:44 p.m.: The man is still in his apartment, and the building in question apparently has been evacuated, although this is unconfirmed at this point.

By Ben Aguirre Jr.

Staff Writer

FREMONT — The Fremont police SWAT team has surrounded an apartment building on Guardino Way between Stevenson Boulevard and Walnut Avenue today after a resident of the complex was seen threatening people with a gun, authorities said.

No one has been hurt, police said. However, the gunman apparently brandished a weapon while arguing with two people who were working on the roof at the complex, Fremont police Detective Bill Veteran said.

Officers were called to the building about 11:15 a.m. and have been on scene for almost an hour and a half.

The suspect, whose name has not been released, apparently has barricaded himself inside an apartment and covered a window with a blanket, police said.












Missing Fremont woman found

By Ben Aguirre Jr.

Staff Writer

FREMONT — An 81-year-old woman who was reported missing Monday evening has been found.

The woman, who suffers from dementia, was reported missing about 5:30 p.m. when she failed to return home from her job as a crossing guard.

She was located safe several hours later inside a Blockbuster video rental store in Irvington, police said.


DUI suspect wants to hire Johnny Cochran

Figured someone might find this mildly amusing.

During a vigil held last night for a 2007 slaying victim, several shots rang out and police eventually stopped a man — 19 years old — who was driving away from the scene. As soon as he gets out of his car, he starts talking nonsense to the cops and says, “I wish I had enough money to hire Johnny Cochran to sue your asses.”  Um, Cochrane’s been dead since March 2005.

Anyway, turns out the man was arrested for DUI, and nothing related to the shooting. No one was hurt in the incident, by the way.  There will be a story in the paper tomorrow.